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Hi, Janet Here

I’ll give you a quick intro before I let you delve into my story
I’m here on a mission to inspire you, give you the tools for your own transformation, empowerment and limitless living and teach you through my own first hand experiences how to get back up if you've reached rock bottom. It took me ages to get to this stage and because of my own storms, I can now share some life changing strategies so you can use them to step into your power. 

We all have this innate power. A power to heal and totally live the life we want. It is deep within but we are just not shown or given these tools to access it

Albeit my extensive background in Dance and many years of Yoga teaching, my first hand breakdowns and breakthroughs still remain my boldest expertise and credentials.
I have brought myself back from a severe form of depression and a destructive trauma to the pelvis which lead me to where I am today.

Life mentor, author, unconventional woman, non-conformist, mother, passionate dancer, yoga affecionada and a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist,
I am dynamically dedicated to serving women with an outer layer of strong and an inner layer of broken.

I have failed a million times, done all the things that scared me and my teaching is based on simply that. 
This no nonsense authenticity has put me in this phenomenal position to be raw, move forward fiercely and show you how to do it

So to the open minded, badass woman
If you mean business and you are now ready to breakthrough, step out of comfort zone and really go deep under the hood, I am here to show you how to access your full potential, heal and redesign your life

this is how I can help

I made my own rules so I can guide you to do the same and to believe in yourself like the badass woman that you are.

I won't bullshit you with any hocus pocus spirituality just because I do Yoga. On the contrary, I'll guide you to understand how to use this practise for your own empowerment, extract the zen, the power and the absolute passion that it ignites you with.

I have trained studied and worked with many phenomenal people during this journey and although I credit their participation in my journey I will always vouch and pass on the healing that emerged from my own dead ends, re-runs and train wrecks. I do not chant, I don't do Guru practises, I am not Buddha and certainly not holy. I love the peace and power that ten minutes of Meditation gives me but I also credit my love for the words 'Fuck it'.
That's an idea of the kind of practise I will guide you through but that is not all.

My signature work also includes an unconventional and potent concoction of Soulful Guidance, Life Mentoring, Pranic & Chakra Therapy, Inner Child & Regression Therapy as well as Dance.

If you want to work with me, you have a few options

🖤If you are going through repeated patterns of sabotage and seem to be taking more steps backwards, you need to go deep and reprogram your software. This is rapid as it goes straight to the root. It pains me to hear and see women go through years of therapy with no results so the idea is to always get you back on track as quickly as possible. RTT has an incredible choreography of techniques that I draw from but I also use many of my own modalities extracted from my own real life experiences.

🖤Or you want to step into and polish your personal path through Yoga or perhaps need to recover from physical trauma or rebuild your body. 
This is a lengthier method of healing and although it also deals with the root, it requires a certain level of consistency and commitment because the body is involved.
The mind, when dealt with in the correct manner can be reprogrammed very quickly, the body however requires another form of healing. 

🖤You can also book me to iron out your challenge, talk things through and determine clarity and a clearer direction.

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