i have the life credentials
to bring you back onto your path
teach you how to unshackle the chains
set yourself free
and tap into your full on
worth & wealth as a WOMAN



Do this kind of journey ALONE
at the cost of your sanity, your health and your pocket

Working with me as your mentor means
you start circulating in the vibration and energy
that came from my own rising in life
and how I can do the same with you.

I am an expert because I have been through this path
many times more than you can ever imagine
and I can guide you very gracefully.

I am there to direct you as you navigate your own way through
I am with you so you rise quickly after every slip
But I will also be there to call you on your BS
everytime you start talking yourself out of your own greatness

A deep form of transformation and healing can only take place
through a very trusting, honest and transparent resonance between 2 women.

If you’re still reading
and you’re ready for the journey
i want to hear your story

My 1st life earthquake

A short documentary that depicts my cutthroat journey from Dance to Yoga and the painful separation from my son