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“I have failed a million times, done all the things that scared me and my teaching is based on simply that. 
This no nonsense authenticity has put me in this phenomenal position to be raw, move forward fiercely and show you how to do it”


I’ll give you a quick intro before I let you delve into my story
I’m here on a mission to inspire you, give you the tools for your own transformation, empowerment and limitless living and teach you through my own first hand experiences how to get back up if you've reached rock bottom. It took me ages to get to this stage and because of my own storms, I can now share some life changing strategies so you can use them to step into your power.

I am here to show you how to access your full potential, heal and redesign your life

MY SIGNATURE WORK is an unconventional and potent concoction of Soulful Guidance, Life Mentoring, Eastern practises and extracts from Rapid Transformational Therapy

With a background in Dance, a pelvic injury that transformed my body and my career, surviving Depression, a journey through Yoga and over 25 years of real life set backs and experiences, It is my absolute mission to share all these life changing tools and show you how to get back in the driver’s seat of your own life..

IF YOU need a life upgrade