Are you after a Yoga practise that takes you beyond your comfort zone? Or do you need something that moulds in with your ever changing female system? A balancing act of fiery dynamic cardio and Zen perhaps?


If you are really ready for a magical collaboration of your own mind and body; a total release of emotional and physical weight, and a sexy spiritual cardio way to sculpt your mind and your wobbly bits, here is an all in one fierce practise to help you with your mission

With a body that endured a lifetime of Dance training, a good dose of trauma, hormonal imbalances, fluctuations, never ending changes and an incredible transition through Yoga, here's the latest creation of mine dedicated to women like me who are in need of a nurturing workout that tends to their wobbly bits as well as their mind

A 30 minute yoga program, based on a dynamic duo of Asana & Pranic Therapy and crafted with the aim to offer an equal balance of zen & sizzle.

who is it for

This suits you if you have an 'I mean Business' attitude about getting every aspect of you back in shape. It will match you perfectly if you are committed, wild at heart and have the highest standards for how you look and feel inside and out

Even if you are not able to complete the whole practise on certain days, but you still show up on your mat with a certain amount of boldness, daily commitment and independence, it will still shift you. Remember, it is what we do consistently that causes the more dramatic effects within us. Showing up randomly will yield no results. Having a clear intention, a no bs approach and a will to show up for yourself  will bring you incredible results. 

So, if you are after a 'no gym' gutsy and very holistic approach to getting your booty and your mind back in beautiful shape, this 21 day concept will connect with you magically. This form of discipline, then leaks in your mindset and how you show up for your life in general. 

Of course we all have different levels of fitness but you can utilise the program in a few ways.

  • For a gentle and progressive approach and If you are in the foundational stages of Yoga, you can start with a gentle 5 breathe layout and build up to the full sequence
  • And if you are a seasoned practitioner with an Intermediate to Advanced level of practise and with a general awareness of physical alignment you can embark on the full dynamic 21 breathe layout

what you get

  • A 30 minute full 21 Breathe voice guided sequence that includes posture alignment instructions and tips
  • 21 days of email guidance so you get the most out of the practise, tackle the 21 day challenge and practise with the 'Stirha Sukha' mindset (steadiness & ease)
  • How to tackle and regenerate the Thyroid Gland (and many more glands) through this practise
  • My signature Powerhouse Core Practise + Booty Sculpt within the sequence
  • A list of the different variations of the sequence

  • A copy of my short E-book - The Yogic Breathe - explaining more about Pranayama and detailing on how to perform 3 of the most effective (additional) techniques
  • The Liver Heal (see below)
  • Your FREEBIE. Get it here to get you started


A complimentary cleanse





The liver is responsible for elimination and is highly connected to weight gain, cellulite, fatigue, Thyroid function and digestion. Unless it is operating in good order, no weight can be shifted. This recipe has been added as a support structure to the practise and for an added detoxification process. This organ is also connected to anger issues and if any stagnant emotions are left lurking, the organ will show great signs of depletion. The Yoga Therapy sequence has been put in place for this reason. Going to the emotional root is the only way forward if you wish to heal a persistent issue in how the body stores and eliminates fat. Assessing any traumatic events that have angered you and declaring to heal and eliminate what no longer serves you is one of the most powerful ways to heal. No diet, medicine or supplement will heal you entirely unless you deal with the root first.

🌸The Liver Heal is Free when you purchase the 21 Breathe 21 Day Program

the benefits OF THIS 21 DAY HABIT

Apart from the list below, I wish to highlight the powerful therapeutic duet of Asana and Pranayama. These two powerhouses together can be used to heal an underlying root of a physical reaction; reach the sophisticated subtle layers within; purify our energy channels; removes scars from the emotional and physical bodies and wholeheartedly harmonises us from the inside out.

Here's more

  • The Yoga Posing

In this program, you have the option of holding each pose for the length of (up to) 21 breathes or to pulse delicately (up to) 21 times.

In the case of static retention, the body is strengthened, stabilised and sculpted. Holding a pose for a lengthy amount of time means you are 'insisting' on both the physical and underlying layers to shift any blocks or stagnation stored within our many layers and deeply heal

Pulsing the pose on the other hand, activates and fires up the heart and the specific muscle group within each pose for the ultimate burn and sizzling cardiovascular activity


  • The Breathing

Focusing on the in and out of the breathe, draws the focus inward and builds a meditative collaboration between the mind and the body. This takes you away from a gym-like form of exercising to a more mindful and ingrained holistic approach. Yoga Breathing also balances the over or under production of brain frequencies that can cause chaos to our overall health


  • The Collaboration

Posing with an enormous focus on the breathe, guides the mind to be still and the body to follow. This is mindfulness, healing, sculpting and shedding all rolled in one.


the inspiration behind it

When it comes to healing and when the body screams for attention and is showing clear signs of discomfort, I waste no time and spare no rods

The main 2 reasons behind this were my chronic fatigue and the result it was having on my body. I was not operating! Totally burnt out, unhappy and carrying some wobbly bits that I was clearly not used to having.

I always had the energy of an ox but following quite a colourful few years of mishaps and extreme life transitions, a close brush with Liver damage from bacterial poisoning, Hypothyroid, Adrenal Fatigue and extreme muscle loss, I found myself in need of a pivotal upgrade. The body responded to a massive amount of stress and with a concoction of ailments, I started piling on weight.

I was wired but very tired and exercise was deleted from my daily tasks.

I embarked on a journey of self-healing and this program was conceived. It started with 5 breaths in each pose but the absolute freedom it gave me got me to increase the holding to 21 breaths. That's when I had to totally get it out there to other women I needed something that kept my body in shape, my organs restored, my immune system regenerated and my mind mindfully tamed. It needed to revolve around the days where I felt absolutely lifeless and the alternate days where my energy was average.

I wanted my body back of course but the chronic fatigue made me seek a deeper and different way to practise, more mindful, less impactful on the body yet strong enough to reach all the layers.

Due to many years of being a professional dancer and a Yoga Teacher, I obviously have a very high rating on physical sculpting and for most of my life the upkeep of the body was effortless. This time though not so much as I had to consider the mix of ailments I was dealing with. Lack of sleep due to adrenal fatigue, low metabolism due to the slow Thyroid function, a system that was skyrocketing in stimulation and then dipping drastically shortly after and a body that was responding to all of that.

The main challenge was to come away from 'over-exercising' to get the body weight off. I just needed an equal dose of gentleness & power to re-activate my 44 year old system back to snazzy health. I appreciate the physical body as a very beautiful temple which should be impeccable inside and out. This program is a beautiful high vibrational 'inside out' method of self-love and care that tends to sculpting the body and state of mind, getting one to feel and look good naked :)


**In the last 2 decades and in the transition between Dance & Yoga, I designed 3 signature programs.

The Intensive Full Body Rehab Program brought me back on my feet following a gruesome childbirth that left me with a severed pelvis, coccyx and abdominal wall. This was the pivotal moment of my life and career.

The second program was The Dance Vinyasa which intertwines the fluidity and strength from various Dance Techniques and the Dynamics of Ashtanga and Budokon Yoga.

When it came to concocting my third program, I had a reservior of mindbody vocabulary to draw from but no motivation to move. This program, similarly to my first Rehab one, came to me intuitevly just by listening to what the body needed and how it wanted to heal. I hit an unfamiliar ground of 'going slow' so I could progress and maintain the health of the crafted sequence

embark on your PROGRAM



You are responsible for your own well being and level of fitness.
You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge janetvella.com from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown. The program is not to to be used as a replacement for a proper medical check up. I am not a licensed physician and I share through my own experiences