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A 30 minute digital program that is based on Yoga Therapy, static poses with a 21 Breath burn.

If you wish to take your Yoga practise to a cardio level just before the Summer season starts, this is one to try

Retaining the Zen through the breath and injecting a body weight heart pumping sizzle, this practise dissects each pose in a classical Sun Salutation and holds, repeats or pulses it for 21 Breathes.

The hold builds strength and resistance
The repetition adds cardiovascular activity
The pulse activates and fires up the muscles for the ultimate burn

Throughout the 3 methods used in the program, you are silently digging at any hidden emotional root within each body part. The Breathe is used as a potent force of healing and using the Yogic 'eyes closed' technique of practise ensures that you retain an inward focus throughout

Each section of the sequence targets a particular muscle group to intensely sculpt.
Highlighting quads, glutes and hamstrings in the Chair and Warrior section, the arms, chest and core in the Plank section, Biceps and triceps in the Chaturanga/Dog section and the heart in general throughout the entire sequence.

Designed for every part of the woman’s body, this is healing, sculpting and shedding all rolled in one.

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I feel intrigued to share this program…


....because I have had 1st hand experience with incredible physical changes throughout my career in Dance and Yoga. Hormonal changes, Thyroid, Adrenal, digestion and weight issues have been a part of my life and after suffering some liver damage through bacterial poisoning I have had to deal with healing this organ myself. I also appreciate the physical body as a very beautiful temple which should be kept clean and impeccable inside and out. The way we look stems entirely on our value of self, what we put in our body on a daily basis and how we treat it and take care of it. So this is my 'inside out' method of care that tends to emotions, state of mind and getting oneself to feel and look good naked :)

With a body that endured a lifetime of Dance training, a good dose of trauma and hormonal imbalances, fluctuations and never ending changes and an incredible transition through Yoga, here's the latest creation of mine dedicated to women like me who are in need of a nurturing workout that tends to their wobbly bits as well as their mind





The liver is responsible for elimination and is highly connected to weight gain, cellulite, fatigue, Thyroid function and digestion. Unless it is operating in good order, no weight can be shifted. This recipe has been added as a support structure to the practise and for an added detoxification process. This organ is also connected to anger issues and if any stagnant emotions are left lurking, the organ will show great signs of depletion. The Yoga Therapy sequence has been put in place for this reason. Going to the emotional root is the only way forward if you wish to heal a persistent issue in how the body stores and eliminates fat. Assessing any traumatic events that have angered you and declaring to heal and eliminate what no longer serves you is one of the most powerful ways to heal. No diet, medicine or supplement will heal you entirely unless you deal with the root first.

The Liver Heal is Free when you purchase the 21 Breathe 21 Day Program

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You are responsible for your own well being and level of fitness.
You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown. The program is not to to be used as a replacement for a proper medical check up. I am not a licensed physician and I share through my own experiences