Dance was my saving grace for many many years especially during the demise of my parents’ marriage. I was 7 when I started training and I danced because I had it in my bones and also because I needed it to save me from a very destroyed childhood. My dad, as long as I remember had two personalities – one that emerged as a total paranoid obsessive monster and the other was normal. My parents' marriage was doomed and I guess it hit me when I was just about starting to form my own character. Prior to that I was a lively fearless little kid and then the door just suddenly closed and I was left in darkness.

I grew up in search of what was missing and in result I accomplished a series of painful and karmic relationships. I developed depression prior to my life search and this evolved into a full blown chronic death trap which slept and woke up with me for many years.

I only had one mission, that to find what lacked in my childhood but it took me years of torture to do so.

What followed was a destruction that marked the end of an era and the beginning of a very rocky spiritual journey. I had to unlearn the destructive behaviour I sponged from my childhood and meet up with the person I was most afraid to be with – myself. Apart from my troubled mind, it was my body's time to get severed during the birth of my son Jules and that was the turning point which led me to Yoga, then India then a total life change.

Doing it alone was messy, heart breaking and it cost me health, money, sanity and life.

I rose above suicide with no drugs, I succeeded in restoring my body against medical odds and then embarked on the most sensual spiritual journey ever. I turned the mess into magnificence and the mission is to pass on this wisdom.

My biggest teachers are my dad, Depression, Motherhood and failed Relationships
My biggest spiritual jackpot was the Unbecoming and Becoming of WOMAN