So totally away from the usual cliché type biography that talks about credentials and formalities, Ill just let you dive deep into my story and why I do what I do

I professionally trained as a dancer since the age of 7 and it was my saving grace for many many years especially during the demise of my parents’ marriage. I danced because I had it in my bones and also because I needed it to save me from a very destroyed childhood. My dad, as long as I remember had two personalities – one that emerged as a total paranoid obsessive monster and the other was normal. My parents' marriage was doomed and I guess it hit me when I was just about starting to form my own character. Prior to that I was a lively fearless little kid and then the door just suddenly closed and I was left in darkness.

I grew up in search of what was missing and in result I accomplished a series of painful and karmic relationships. I developed depression prior to my life search and this evolved into a full blown chronic death trap which slept and woke up with me for many years.

I only had one mission, that to find what lacked in my childhood but it took me years of torture to do so.

What followed was a destruction that marked the end of an era and the beginning of a very rocky spiritual journey. I had to unlearn the destructive behaviour I sponged from my childhood and meet up with the person I was most afraid to be with – myself. Apart from my troubled mind, it was my body's time to get severed during the birth of my son Jules and that was the turning point which led me to Yoga, then India then a total life change.

Doing it alone was messy, heart breaking and it cost me health, money, sanity and life.

I beat the shit out of my suicidal mind with no drugs, I succeeded in restoring my body against medical odds and I managed to turn my life around so I could be who I am now.

My biggest teachers…

My biggest spiritual jackpot

I met some amazing people on the way and my lessons, destructions, suicidal moments, failed relationships, heartbreak and physical destruction are and will always be my most authentic credentials. Yes I went through formal training of Dance and Yoga and Therapy and all of sorts but the pieces of paper I gained after a mere few years of listening to lectures and training stand nowhere compared to my life and what it brought me

One thing I was blessed with was a fat dose of resilience and creativity so I dug deep to get to know the mind and the body beyond the obvious anatomy. If the mind can so creatively bring you to your own death, then how powerful can it be if used efficiently!

The transition to Yoga was immense and my Dance despite its permanence in my life has changed drastically. I learnt about the body when mine was totally broken and bed ridden and now my passion is no longer to teach students steps and put them on stage but to actually teach them how to choreograph a map between their minds and bodies and get them to where they truly want to be.

This life of mine has positioned me boldly on my mission, that is to take another woman from Limited to Limited Edition

Breaking Apart

This short documentary fast forwards from my childhood to 24 years of dance training and peaks through a tiny earth shaking snippet of my life during which I powerfully transitioned from dance to yoga.

I believe that many yoga practitioners have experienced similar moments, It was on a freezing winter morning in London whilst I was staying with a friend and trying to suss out which direction to take, that the full weight and beauty of my next step in life became clear: Yoga had been in my life for many years however, I needed to travel to India for a deeper immersion in the spiritual aspect of Yoga and life. It was one of those moments… effortless, exciting and life-changing, with a level of certainty that is absolute and unquestionable. I needed to experience life as it really is. I also needed to heal a mind that had gone astray and an injury ridden body. 


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