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Dedicated to healing YOU as a woman

An integrative, one of a kind fusion of healing that tend to all of a woman’s heart, mind, body, hormones and happenings.
A program that brings together endless years of experience, real life breakdowns and breakthroughs that will show you a way to get up after you have reached rock bottom. Working from the inside out, the aim of this program is to heal trauma, upgrade expired beliefs and blocks, correct repeated patterns and sabotaging behaviour. It resets the mind, the body and the soul’s path, paying utmost attention to all the experiences and stories that a woman goes through daily, monthly and in a lifetime.



  • Yoga Therapy
  • Pranic Healing, Meditation & Visualisation
  • Asana Flow, Movement & Percussion
  • Healing the Inner Child
  • Age Regression
  • The Chakra Shower- Hormones, Glands & Emotions

♡Yoga Therapy will be the foundation of the program and will be used to bring the body in full collaboration with the mind

♡Asana Flow & Music will focus on spinal alignment, fluid movement and percussive rhythm to allow a release on a cellular level

♡Pranic work, Meditation, Trance Therapy & aspects of Hypnosis will be used to access the deeper layers of Mind for hidden agendas and repeated patterns that cause the most sabotage.

♡Inner Child Therapy & Age Regression that will ‘touch’ on every part of the woman that was broken and causing ill health, disease and trauma. we will go through different ages from being in the womb to the present moment.

♡Chakra Therapy that will map out the stories within the glands/hormones, the nervous system and the energetic spine. Chakra Work will go deep into every ‘warehouse’ that stores our female agendas.

Base Chakra – Stability & Trust in childhood
2nd Chakra – Menstruation, Sexual Relationships, Money, Creativity, Abortion*, Birth, Rape*
3rd Chakra – Power (or lack of) in self, relationships, work and family*
The ascending between the outer world and the insular capsule that transitions between the gut and the heart. This is one of the greatest steps in energetic healing as it involves false ego and soulful living. It captures our upbringing, the currents we are plugged into and the software we download from tribe and family and what sabotages our current life.
The Heart Chakra will delve deep into the compassion we have for self and then move onto relationships.
The Throat Chakra will cover our vocabulary and expression
The higher 2 Chakras will be left to the guidance and divine energy taking place at that time




Women who have reached rock bottom and are now ready to show up and start the healing process. 
It is for you if you are serious about your healing and want your life back. So, if you are suffering from unresolved traumas, repetitive patterns, self-sabotage; if you have issues with hormones, fatigue, moods, anxiety, depression, this workshop is for you

I will be paying attention to the experiences of a woman from childhood to woman hood. This will cover menstruation, body changes, self-love, woman power, childbirth, intimacy & change


here i am

Life mentor, author, unconventional woman, non-conformist, mother, dancer and yoga affecionada, I have brought it all together has made it my mission to empower, inspire and teach women how to get back up after they’ve reached rock bottom. I am dedicating to working with women who are open-minded, independent, who display an outer layer of strong and an inner layer of broken. Women who have had their survival suit on and are now ready to shift.

With over 25 years of teaching Dance and Yoga, trained and qualified in Rapid Transformational Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Reiki, Budokon, I can confirm that my biggest credentials are my own breakdowns and breakthroughs. If I didn’t reach rock bottom, I wouldn’t be in this magical position to guide you. 

Over the last decade, I have had a shopping list of ailments that went unattended for many years. The minute I decided to take charge, move away from the medical world of opinions and guess work and start a healing process, I have encountered holistic doctors, therapies and yes some more opinions. What life presented me with has qualified me to mentor and teach you how to peel yourself off rock bottom mode. My battle with Depression during childhood and pregnancy, my own spiritual transition from the theatre to the mat to the healing couch has enabled me to inspire and empower others towards the most authentic form of healing. And now, whether I am working with the mind or the body or teaching about life, Yoga or Dance, it is All About HER.


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29th July 2018
Powai Area (TBA)
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