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FEELINGS OF depletION AND disconnectION WITH SELF could be related to your internal programming, underlying emotional issues that are showing up in the physical layer and also how you are treating your own body verbally and emotionally.

With a very strong focus on the restoration of the woman’s sacred parts and hormonal map, this 21 day audio program is a one of a kind regeneration prescription specifically designed to create more harmony between the mind and the body through a concoction of Creative Visualisation, Meditation Techniques, Pranic Healing and Cell Command Therapy. It tends to the delicate intricacies within the woman's body and 'speaks' to it through cell regeneration reprogramming bringing every part into harmonious health and inner poise.

It scans through the whole system from the crown right down to the feet . tending to the skin, ageing, gums and health of your smile; the heart, lungs, breasts and effortless breathing; the glands and their corresponding energy cell; the vagina, the pelvis, womb and our power to pro create; the spine, nervous system and unprocessed traumas. 

It permeates and saturates the whole internal body by your own healing power of suggestion. A little like an energy transfusion; the power of conversing with every part of your being; an Interior design of your hidden essence, a beautiful commanding of every cell and the regeneration of the whole woman.

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The Inspiration behind it

My own shopping list of ailments - Adrenal Fatigue, Hormonal Imbalance and Depression -  that I had to deal with in the last few years and how I dealt with a collapsed pelvis after a severe physical trauma. Having had this first hand experience with the power of words over the subconscious layer, I have designed this podcast specifically to bring YOU back to your true essence. 

Bringing all that I do best in the picture - Yoga Therapy, Chakra Work, Pranic Healing, Trance Meditation and Subconscious reprogramming, I aim to offer an overlooked way of healing and teaching everyone the incredible collaboration between our words, thoughts and the health of our bodies.

We underestimate the power of our own words and how we address parts of our own selves without realizing that the body is actually listening. We are surprised when the body becomes a battle field and do not actually realise that we are the ones creating war within ourselves. The body listens, speaks and it also responds to every thought and word we say about it.

We also tend to take every hidden part of us for granted and we only start to pay attention when it is too late.

The physical veil responds to our emotions, stories and traumas that go stored in the body totally unprocessed. The energetic cells become depleted of life force and if not given daily attention, focus and maintenance, the ‘disease’ starts to show up in the body. We work from the inside out.

Western medicine deals with this by treating the symptom; Eastern Medicine heals by digging at the root.
In this case, I am using Meditation to access the hidden parts of the mind, connecting emotion and power to the visuals and rewiring the sabotage with a powerful speech



For best results this audio program should be listened to before sleep time. 
During the sleepy drowsy state, the conscious mind - the logical, 'what if' part - shifts out of the way and is reduced to a minimum. Any negativity that prevents, resists or neutralises any desire of healing is no longer present. The guard is down. When we listen to affirmations, powerful suggestions before we close our eyes, the subconscious starts to download this truth and you marinade in this throughout your rest. The Pranic and Meditation work are there to create space and slow down the thought process putting you in a gentle trance; the visualisation taps into your own power to heal and the suggestions, 

Remember - a word is made flesh and thoughts take form.

Every thought you have programs the cells in your body
— Rob Wergin


It takes 21 days to form or break a habit and if we have been living in expired and ingrained beliefs all our lives, it might take a little longer to impregnate the inner realm with new harmony. 

Just like seeds need time to sprout, so do thoughts. They need time to sprout and take root in your subconscious until your conscious and subconscious mind are unified in their acceptance of the affirmations truth. Silently and quietly, all distorted thought patterns in the subconscious mind are removed and dissolved and the vitality wholeness and beauty of the life principle or made to manifest in every atom of her being.
— Dr. J.Murphy


this is what you'll get

An audio program (58:00) that includes:

  • Breathwork/Yogic Breathing Techniques 
  • 3 powerful cleansing Guided Meditation Techniques (The Internal Shower, the Floss and the Bucket Technique)
  • 20 minutes of Suggestions & Cell Command Therapy
  • Free Bonus: A Free 'All About Her' Yoga Therapy Prescription.
  • Lifetime access


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