A Celebration of Woman - Healing Masterclass

In my highest intention to rise above a recent health threat and with my whole spirit focused on the solution, I felt inspired to share my very own delicious healing ritual, one that jump starts and unleashes the joy & harmony of the heart. When a storm of sorts hits me, something shifts inside and I become very very zealous for life and my passion for everything I do escalates on a whole new level. The magician in me has always managed to turn a sad, fearful ego based mess into the most magnificent transformation, this time though, I wanted to take it further and and rope you in! So, here I am, in full Spirit, Mind & Heart sharing with you a most beautiful healing strategy, plus a little extra 🌸 To keep the high intent and healing vibration of this Masterclass I urge you to write back with feedback (janet@janetvella.com) 🌸


AND if you want to go beyond your story

and are truly ready and serious about re-inventing yourself on a high calibre Mind, Heart, Body, Soul level, book a call here. I will be with you for an hour (free) to offer you a pure & unapologetic assessment so you can get crystal clear on what’s clipping your wings and blocking your path. It will also give me an opportunity to connect with you on a deeper level and give you some badass hand holding so you make an empowering decision. You can rely on me to call you on any old bs you may be holding on to and to meet you right at that point where you have forgotten your own greatness.

Healing the Gut


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