I am WOMAN - Chapter 4 Audio

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I am Woman Retreat (3).png

I am WOMAN - Chapter 4 Audio

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A voice guided audio talking you through all the rituals, yoga practises, meditations, inner child healing, age regression, cutting cords and chakra therapy.

This is an audio version of Chapter 4 - CRAZY SEXY SPIRITUALITY

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What it is and how it works
A voice-guided version of Chapter 4 which is jam packed with rituals and holistic healing sequences

This is what’s in Chapter 4 Crazy Sexy Spirituality

I am Woman Yoga Sequence
The Dance of The Chakras
Breath to Trance to Transformation
Prananyama Practise
Meditation journeys
Aligning Posture & Poise
Inner Child Healing
Age Regression
Severing Relationship Karmic Ties & Cutting Cords
Chakra Work that includes:
The Garden
The Temple
The Awakening Sequence
Our Lady Bits – A Visualisation
Conversations with The Body – A Cell Regeneration
Mantra, Mala, Inner Child and Chakra Declarations
The Goddess Invocations