It started with a book but it became much more

The urge to write this book was beyond me.
I cleared my agenda and embarked on a writing retreat in India.
My journey as a woman had reached a very delicious peak
and I needed to put it down on paper.

I wanted this book to be the platform to reach thousands
and assist them in their quest for life.

My writing was a rendition of all my spiritual journeys and rituals of healing BUT when I got to the very last stages of editing, I changed directions. I read through my last chapters and realised that I no longer wanted to publish the book and another journey emerged.

This post is aimed at the entrepeneurial author who wishes to take their expertise to the next level

It is for the author who has an infinite spectrum of experiences and knowledge
that can transform another peron’s life.

It is for the author with the self-help book draft
already in place.

It is for the lady boss who knows exactly what she is talking about and can really cause an immense shift in someone else’s life

It is mainly for the author who wishes to turn her book idea into a high end product and raise the level of her earnings.

I want to take you through the steps of how I turned my book into high earnings and eliminated the hassle of publishing.

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