A letter to Life

Dear life,

You re a bitch but its ok I understand you! It took me a while to get to know where you’re coming from but now that I have, i'm besotted. I don’t mean to say, I love everything you throw at me but I just get your tantrums, your torrential downpours, the way you throw me around, spin me in mud and than slap me on the bum and see me off. I just get it!

Have to say, you re very moody though, sometimes I can’t keep up. There are days you turn your back and you walk away; other times you wake up at crazy hours all excited like a little puppy; others you just wanna be still and other times you wanna fly

Now the thing is this… you keep saying to follow the heart but right now the heart is a little tired so Im gonna have to go with what I need as it’s the only thing that is permanent. You do know that I need this physical flesh to pass on a legendary message but the body is also kinda resting right now. I need it to co operate and stop wasting time….

So what do I do? I have told you, times aplenty that I am not here to be still. I don’t appreciate being fenced, I want to move. Sometimes you’re a little serious and you piss me off, I ask you to move over and let this soul play. I know you get in the way on purpose, so you can test me but I get moody too and when that happens I won’t be in any position to understand your reasoning. So let’s try and reach a compromise as I don’t think I’m asking for a lot here. There is magic and music and dance that I will not waste so please do me a favour, stand wherever you want but just don’t stand in my way.

Yours Truly

The Soul