Nudity Body Image & Yoga

I'll start with a fancy word – Svadhyaya.

Been doing a lot of it since I met Yoga and am doing some more now in connection to my detox experience in India, the food I ate twice a day for two months, skin elasticity, weight loss, health, change and the physical layer.

It is self study & research. A look into yourself on a physical & spiritual level and concocting the best life operation manual.

My stay in India served many purposes but I’ll shift away from the obvious and share with you how the body coped, transformed and shed layers. Yes, fine I was drinking 4 litres of water a day and poohing in my pants every 5 seconds but the type of food, the distance between meals and digestion and mostly the discipline of feasting on what was on offer (or go hungry) and eating only when hungry spelled a complete shift in my physical dress. The shedding was profound of course but this was not the regular weight loss.

My skin changed, cellulite disappeared and despite the aggressive sickness, I felt light and at the correct weight.

Having trained in the very judgemental and competitive world of Dance where all you do is ogle the girl next to you on the Barre and compare yourself senseless meant, that I was on a constant mission to look perfect, drop weight and please the Ballet master with the wooden stick. Words like-sausage, fat, elephant were fed to my internal dictionary and stuffing myself with laxatives was a life ritual.

So, when I started Yoga, the self abusive chat disappeared and was replaced by self-studyand increased even more since my return to the Mediterranean diet.

To my utmost shock, having sworn never to ever lay eyes on it again, just weeks after my exit from India, I started craving Indian food! So I listened.

The body sends sharp messages and is very clear. It tells us what it needs but we fail to recognise it most of the time.

After India, my body came back a size 6, soft skin, no cellulite, light in feeling and a perfect fit in my fav jeans. I must have done something right.

Two months later and the cellulite started creeping back, the skin lacked a glow, my belly settled into a permanent bloat and that dull, unhealthy heaviness returned. Now let me make this very clear. I am not fat nor am I fishing for any judgements, good or bad. All I am saying is that there is a sharp contrast in the way the physical is exposing what is really going on inside.

So, investigation called!

My food, despite being healthy and mixed between raw and cooked, with fish as the only flesh and greens to turn me into Hulk turned out to be, as I have just discovered, all wrong!

I discovered it to be the perfect mismatch for my constitution and from an even more insightful research- wrong for my blood type too. During the last weeks, I experienced random cravings for the oddest things and now I confirm that the body was asking for its right fuel. For my over acidic digestive runway, the food I started eating again, as fresh and fine as it truly seemed, was bad news. Its intriguing how my Ayurvedic Dosha diet holds hands with my blood type food list. My only sadness is that two of my favourite foods have had to hit the bin.

This is the same as having a snazzy sports car with a petrol engine and fueling it with diesel.

IT WON’T RUN! Simple.

Yoga comes in. Thanks to this practise, I am constantly nudged to delve inside. And that, as we probably all don’t realise, is the key to weight loss, health and confident image. Awareness is key. Not the kind that makes you look in the mirror and express dislike. Or the type that makes you look at your derriere and check if it looks good covered in denim.

It’s the kind that asks you to ‘undress’ introspectively and look at this physical dress as the soul transporter that it truly is.

It is about respect and love. I mean it’s easy for us to shower, scrub skin, remove make up, wash hair, blow noses and polish ear holes. But do we ever take an internal shower. Do we smell our own farts and think…mmm something is not quite right inside. Do we give the liver a rest; or allow a meal to totally digest before we indulge into feeding our ego.

Yoga is the science of self-realisation and by no means should it ever be promoted as a means to exercise only the external. It is mental and physical training that propels us to take care of this precious machine as we only got one!

Now, a mere 72 hours after having released a few items from my diet, I experienced an almost instant result in lightness, less acidity (& joint ache) and a sense of fullness that lasts for hours.

Some tips...if you're after shedding weight be it emotional or physical  Invite yourself to strip naked, close your eyes, fall in love with You and investigate.

I turned 40 this year and I marked it with a few sensual events, one being my Yoga & Dance inspired nude shoot. I am more courteous of my womanhood and my sensual energy now and definitely not fearless of my own sexuality. If you haven’t done this, write it down as one of your ‘to do before I die’ list of things or ask your hubby or a friend to take pictures of you in your naked glory and orgasm at the mere fact that you are one with yourself

Look at yourself with loving eyes and look at your food as fuel not indulgence. Eat when your stomach asks for food and not when the eyes get hungry. And for the record…..Just because an avocado or a breast of chicken or a raw salad fits the health department, it really does not mean it is right for you


Get in touch with yourself-do YOGA! This is the only method that allows you to take an internal journey of revelations and divine discoveries.

Yours in Words