All About HER - Balancing Sun & Moon

2017 was all about restoring the Woman.
Checking in on Her, connecting with Her on a deeper level and really seeing to Her needs – mind, body, heart, soul, hormones and mostly the relationship with herself.

2018 is Her year. The year where she shines in full divinity and the time to collaborate with the Divine Male.


Last year gave me the opportunity to go back and review all the abandonment and the rejection of my own female side. Things caught up with me subtly and I was suddenly facing shocking health problems. Everything was out of sync and it forced me to look in and evaluate.

I guess it all stemmed from my past that I simply stopped tuning in to myself and to my needs as a female. This developed into a full blown self-rejection and I delved into a disconnected mode that sliced straight through any unprocessed pain.

From my own experience, not taking action or not being busy on a daily basis was densely accompanied by guilt and self-destruction. I needed to be doing something all the time and being busy became the way to escape. This eliminated outside judgement and that of my own chattering mind. Taking time out to see to my needs – read a book, paint my nails, sip coffee leisurely was considered a sin. There was never time for me, it had to be dedicated to everything else…the job, the man, the child, the house and when the mind is tormented by that ‘go go go’ voice, the body is not allowed to rest.

Our physical beings are very creative in their responses.  
Warning signs are there but they start by being subtle and then show up much later on in life on a majestic scale. Only then, do we stop and reassess.

I had my own set of symptoms - Adrenal Fatigue, Depression, infections and Hormonal chaos. The body was desperately trying to show me, but I kept going. Being a dynamic doer by nature made it a little hard to stop but in the last couple of years, the alarm bells got louder, and I instantly knew I needed to take time out and reassess.

I can really say that certain beings like myself tend to only listen when something precious is taken away from them and when my body started to shut down and I had no energy to Dance or Yoga, I threw in the towel and bowed my head in absolute surrender

Over the years Yoga taught me the technicalities of the Yin and Yang philosophy but I never really applied them consistently. I knew how to counterpose an Asana (yoga pose) or have a full on stretch session after an exhausting Dance class but I wasn’t doing it in real life.


Being a woman is rather divine, but I had disrespected mine enough times and she started to be depleted! 
I soldiered on and lost touch with myself, ignoring all signals and warnings.

This is just like inhaling without exhaling; It’s like the sun never sets and its always daylight; It’s like trying to send a message from your phone when the battery is depleted or trying to get to your destination with no fuel in your car tank, or driving on first gear until the engine crashes

In my attempt to change things, I started asking myself what I felt like – whether it was food, going out, staying in, doing Ashtanga or Hatha, listening to Rnb or to Zen music, cooking or eating out, answering that call or meeting that friend or not.

And slowly but surely, I started to tune in.

I learnt that having a job that ‘gives’ required me to take long moments of silence to avoid throat infections and swollen glands.

I learnt that it was absolutely OK to break the rules and have a lay in with no guilt or shame

I learnt how to inhale and then with no guilt let it all out and rest.

This is the art of balance between the male and female; between doing and being, between giving and receiving; between the Sun and the Moon.

Another thing that completely changed was my attitude towards my practise. I stopped dictating the ‘shoulds’ and really got in touch with my body and my needs. This evaluation made me mindful on and off the mat.

My Yoga started to merge with me. It used to be dynamic whether I felt like it or not. Now it flows with my moods. There are days I step on the mat and I simply stand in Mountain Pose breathing with eyes closed; times I salute the sun over and over again and others where I marry the lot

This is the Art of Self-care which for me means, bed-rest when needed, aromatherapy oils, silence and Precious Stones. I have one gem in particular - a rough edged Quartz - which sometimes sits in middle lodge of my bra when the heart needs restoring.
I just added another magical one to my collection a Black Tourmaline and these two have made a very graceful and majestic pairing. I have used them during Meditative sittings, walks to the Ganges and in my sleep. I have also added them as an element to my daily practise.


So here it is.
I'm sharing this celestial Yoga practise that was charged with these 2 amazing precious stones, blessings from the Ganges and the Himalayas.

The elegant Black Tourmaline was positioned on my female side to protect, shield and awaken the energies on the left side of my realm and the Quartz was suitable placed on my male side to dilute and balance the dynamics of my fiery nature.

I intended to use both these powerful and grounding stones to purifying and neutralize my practise, the beginning of my travels and the start of a new year.

If like me you are a dynamic doer who finds it hard to just be and you are about to join me on this practise, take the Black Tourmaline in your left hand close your eyes and feel the majestic, mysterious, panther like grace. Let it feed your need to be fluid, calm, stormy, transparent however the woman in you wants to be. This will nourish your Yin, the Moon and the water like nature

Yin has a soft surrendering notion to it, which unfortunately some females consider as weakness! This is where we are making a mess out of the whole aspect of things. ‘To be’ requires more power than ‘to do’. Surrendering is one powerful trait; learning when to stop and waiting until it comes to you is anything but weakness. Doing, going for it, taking control is the easier option but it is what is making most of us ill.

Practising with this intention to re adjust, will embrace and awaken this fluid aspect within you. Allow the stone to simmer through you, your softness, mystery, your sacredness, your power to allow, wait, sit back, adjust with no force. Let it inject you with fierceness whilst retaining your grace

Then take the Quartz and place it in your right hand. This is your Yang, the male side, your power side. Let it subdue the fire slightly so it continues to transform you but ceases from burning you. You want to keep the warmth but not the raging blaze. Allow the shimmering light of the stone to seep through you and channel the right amount of power and self-confidence, allowing you to move forward dynamically but smoothly. Let it tame the struggle to achieve and bring the silent warrior to navigate the flames within you

Take the stones in each hand and let them charge you prior to your practise. Then place them strategically at the top of your mat so that every time you hit a downward dog, your fingertips are facing the stones. Practise with the right amount of power and surrender. Use the upward poses to inhale and empower and the downward poses to exhale and totally let go of all the control. Keep the inhale and exhale in check and move through the sequence with only one intention.


The first and last salutes are there to build a gentle foundation, create softness in the spine, tap into all the Chakras and realign the Meru Dance (spine). There is also a high dose of heart opening and surrender. You can choose to complete all of them or you can listen to the body and really check in what it needs.

Perhaps there are days when you have the oomph and others where you just want to focus on just a couple of poses. In that case choose two that represent the Yang and the Yin and really meditate on the stones as you hold each asana.

The middle five salutes have more charge.
The lunges start subtly and slowly move into full power. Focus on the stability of the pelvis, the lengthening of the legs and the succulent activation of your centre. Plant the feet into the ground and every step into the lunge make sure that the foot lands in between the two stones

The stones stay with you as you Yin and Yang until you take them back in your hands and merge both their energies. Close your eyes and infuse your breathing with their colour, shimmer and power. Feel the God and the Goddess rise within you and go forth with this year with full respect of how much you give in connection to how much you allow yourself to receive

This practise is a recalibration of stillness & reactions, inhales and exhales, dark and light, male and female, yin and yang, sun and moon, tears and laughter, day and night.

Breathe in and out evenly and keep this attitude in all you do.
Conduct yourself with this balance and then take this aura and put it in your relationships, your job, your day, your life. Bring the male and the female in perfect harmony and picture the perfect marriage of power and surrender in all you do.


If you wish to delve deeper into your own journey

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