The Beautiful Mind - A Case Study

Case Study - October 2017

My area of expertise is Childhood Trauma and Depression and Cell Regeneration for Athletes

Stop Smoking Case Study
Last week I launched the STOP SMOKING CHALLENGE with Rapid Transformational Therapy as I decided to step out of my comfort zone and work with a new audience.  Despite not being in my factor sector of healing, I felt absolutely solid about the results my clients were going to achieve from these case studies

I chose 3 smokers:
Client 1 - Stubborn and resistant
Client 2 - Wants to stop
Client 3 - 'yeah ill stop one day'

No matter how many death warnings a doctor will give you; or how many threats are actually printed on a packet of cigarettes or whether you are told that you’re slowly killing yourself and that fags make you wrinkly and ugly and grey and old and ill, unless you go deep down under the hood and get to know that ingrained software that constantly reminds you that the fag is your friend and you need it, then you will not stop.
I know this because I am an ex smoker myself

I will leave you to read through.

Enjoy their journeys
(some names have been changed for privacy reasons)



Client 2 - I want to stop (with a twist)

With all her permission, I share Pat Vella’s journey with RTT and smoking

I chose Pat who’s a really good friend of mine as one of my clients. She initially asked for me to work with her when she found out my plans on working with smokers so I booked her in.

Pat worked with me before. She had embarked on my Meditation Program so apart from being friends she knew exactly how my work mellowed her out. She responded well and trusted fully.

Close to the actual session, the excuses started to emerge and she come up with all sorts. Can we work on another issue… I don’t really wish to stop smoking…Can we delay it….


When I got to her on the day she actually bluntly told me, you’re wasting your time you know, Im not going to stop smoking.

I’ll turn the cards onto me.
That phrase switched me on.
Pat went from being an easy client to a resistant one just at the last minute so I had to tweak her script prior to starting her RTT session

I will not go into full detail of her session so to retain some respect for the reader but I will highlight the most incredible moments


Pat went through the usual Hypnosis and Regression.
Her first scene connected to how she started smoking so that she could be accepted by a friend. The next one showed how she had the full ability to stop during her pregnancy but then went back to them once again influenced by somebody else and the last scene was the most significant as always
She regressed to a deepconnected to her dad and of course this was very much revolved around smoking. Again, there was an influence on her. They had a bonding ritual every time they met and cigarettes formed a massive part of it. Stopping smoking meant that she feared losing this time with him so we worked through this.

When the transformation/cure  part of the session began, I noticed a very significant facial expression on her. It was exactly on the 60th minute and she seemed like she had had enough. I continued with the reprogramming and I saw tears rolling down her eyes

Now let me just say that the smoking reprogramming is extremely explicit and merciless in its power. The session ended and Pat looked as serene and as calm as ever. Tears still rolled but she was at peace. She explained that there was a point as I reprogrammed that she decided that that was it. She wanted to stop. It was the moment her facial expression changed.

When the subconscious mind decides, the earth moves and life aligns with us.
This showed on her face


She spoke about her dad then asked me to assist her in disposing of her cigarettes from her handbag.  She never smoked again

Now that is already incredible but there’s more

She spoke to me just after Xmas and told me of another incredible thing that happened.
She had invited her parents over for lunch and she was so concerned that she wouldn’t be able to bond with her dad over a fag. On arrival, she informed her dad that she no longer smoked and her dad also announced that he had stopped too!

During trance, Pat must have passed on a subconscious thought to her dad with incredible power. Because she decided during her session that she didn’t want to die from smoking, her vibrations were passed on to the strongest connection to her story – her dad. He received this through his own energetic field and stopped himself

In full respect of this incredible therapy and in humbleness that I am in this position to help transform and save lives



Client 1 - The non-resistant client...... 

Client: Camilla
Female, aged 44, married with kids, works for family business
Camilla had done a Yoga Program with me - Jewel in the Crown - which teaches the foundation and distribution of Prana (Breath & Life Force) the Alignment of the Spine and how to quiet the never-ending mind chatter. We also worked on her Sun Salutation and a breakdown of the poses and their energetic value (yin/yang) to learn the absolute connection between what goes on in your life and how it shows up in your practise. 

Because of this prior work, Camilla and I did not have a Consultation because I already knew her main stress points but I still asked for the basic childhood/family/relationship with parents information.

Her childhood was not easy as she had too much responsibility as a child; the relationship with her mum was not that bonded. 
Her words, 'I only love her coz she's my mother' She expressed that she could hardly look at her dad and that he was a controller and verbally harsh. She didn't feel she loved him. 

She was clear about wanting to stop smoking so that made it a smoother ride

On the day Camilla seemed rushed and stressed. Her daily schedule included married life with not much support from the husband, 4 kids, a full time job at her family business and a full time study program. She seemed very active but immediately allowed herself to release. 

Because Camilla had worked with me on a 1:1 basis before, she was already in the know how of certain techniques and we went straight in. I combined the use of Mindful Breathe/Pranayama for a deeper Trance and then went straight to Hypnosis (no suggestibility test was done since Camilla was a non-resistant client). We continued onto the Regression and this is what surfaced

The incredible thing about RTT is that even if we think we consciously know what is wrong with us or what causes us to self sabotage, we don’t. The subconscious is the place that holds an incredible amount of memory and unprocessed traumas. These memories and traumas unless healed at the root, become false and distorted and keep showing up in our current life causing distortion. During Regression, the subconscious provides ‘scenes’ which give all the details to assist with the top layer. (Top layer being the challenge)

From the flutter in the eyes and the release in the body, I knew Camilla was extremely suggestible. 

The details that were brought up to the surface were sharp and took us exactly where we needed to go - find out why she smoked.


She first saw herself smoking in fathers office with father & friends. This was happening in the evening and it was something they did regularly after work. She expressed that she felt bad about the scene but smiled as she related this to me. During this scene, she experienced very clear physical sensations: - Tingling in both arms and a feeling of void 'Hole' in the stomach area.

Her perception of this scene was that smoking was her dad's habit, she was just joining him. 

In the next scene, she was in the office with her husband and is threatening to leave him because of his smoking. Despite her warning, he gave her a cigarette and this instigated her habit. She was only 15. Once again her perception was that her habit started because of someone else

Her mind brought up scenes effortlessly. I didn't even need to ask as she just kept producing more detail.

In the 3rd scene, the plot thickened
Camilla's facial expression turned into an agitated one. She saw black, felt very small and very hot. I asked if she knew where she was but she got more confused. She hears screaming and through investigation work, she pointed out that the screaming came from a man and a woman - her parents. The dark place was the womb but Camilla was still unable to locate her surroundings so we dug deeper for her own understanding.
She can hear her father tell the mum to rest. Her mother had experienced two miscarriages prior to her conception and her dad was yelling for her to rest.

We spent some time in this scene as she slowly came to the realisation that her dad actually wanted her arrival so badly. He was acting from a place of fear but only because he felt he had no control. Instead of reinforcing the argument, he raised his voice. 

Now here comes the joyous wonder of RTT. 

Lots of people are afraid to regress because they do not want to relive the suffering. The thing is this - going back to a scene during the RTT process means that you review the meaning you had given it when you were younger and then change the meaning, understand from a different point of view and the shift happens.

I'll explain further

Camilla had clearly expressed that her dad was controlling and she couldn't even look him in the eyes. From previous work done with her, she had brought up the feeling that her dad didn't really love her so she has been living all these years under this memory.

During her regression and seeing these explicit details whilst she was still in the womb, she slowly started to see that the memory she had formed was false. Her dad was in absolute love with her but he had zero ways in showing it. He just lacked tactic and always acted from a place of fear, shouting, controlling and being harsh.

She continued to explain (during hypnosois) that her mum had suffered 2 miscarriages prior to conceiving her and her dad was just on the lookout for both. He just didn't have a very gentle way of doing it. RTT requires the therapist to investigate to the last details and through specific probing techniques, Camilla was able to witness her dad's authentic love. This immediately eliminated the false memory and a new meaning emerged. Tears flowed and the chest area released further into the couch. This was a clear sign of emotional relief.

There was more

She then moved onto the next scene which brought on some anger. She just said revenge nothing else. Referring to her dad and a slight connection to the fact that she still smoked and he didn't

So I investigated further

She saw her mum giving birth to her and the nurse announcing that the baby's hair was red. Her dad instantly said - It's a boy!
And there it was.

She had heard these words as a new born and believed from that day onwards that her dad never wanted her, instead he was expecting a boy.
So we spent some time 'conversing' with her father and she expressed all her anger and hurt. Once again I noticed a sinking in her chest meaning more emotions were released

Through the thorough investigation, Camilla was finally able to see that she was trying to get him to accept her so she smoked with him and his friends. Her dad had tried to urge her to stop but she was resilient in her habit and choice.

Once she was given the opportunity to go back to these memories, understand what really happened, flip the script and then 'tell' her dad how she felt, she was finally able to say the words 'I love you' to him with the greatest of relief

On a conscious level, this is impossible.

We brought the session to a conclusion with 'The Smoking Cure'  - an incredibly mind blowing script.


Camilla came back to her senses and she slowly got up to leave.

All of a sudden this woman broke into a smile and I could just see the joy in her eyes.
Her words

"Jan I can't explain what I'm feeling. This happiness in my heart, I just want to jump with joy'.
She hugged me a few times and her euphoria was infectious. Her smile was never ending and her serenity showed on her face and in her body. This is a classic sign of a long term stagnant emotion being eradicated from the system



Camilla was given a 21 day Hypnosis script to listen to so this is not the full follow up yet

3 days later
Camilla went from smoking 1.5+ packets to 7, then 6, then 4. She has been unable to take the usual deep drag and she is leaving the cigarette to burn on its own. She explained that she feels she is smoking out of habit not out of need

6 days later
Her range is now between 5 and 7 max at times I resist the urge to smoke and highlighted that this was not a good time to stop due to her many pressures. She is under pressure but but still managed to decrease them by more than half in less than a week  
Since the session she only bought 2 packets. 

She also noticed that in the morning she is calmer with the kids, in the evening though not that easy

Her words
I am not enjoying them as "I used to" and I take small breaths not long ones as if I want to finish it in 2 breaths it's taking me longer to smoke it and am not finishing it as before.  My colleague noticed and he's trying to stop too, my daughter asks every day how I'm doing.



It takes a full 21 days for the mind and the body to highlight any changes so I am noting the areas that have been effected so far (1 week later)

The release of Childhood Trauma/False Belief
Reduction in smoking
Calmness in the morning

The shift during regression was physically visible. The chest released, it seemed like something had left the body. The pain that she was carrying from this minute silent memory that was clearly false seemed to have taken pole position over and above the actual challenge. The changes that will take place over the next days, weeks, months will be incredible

I will be updating as the days go buy

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The woman who resisted me, announced proudly that she will not be stopping any smoking and that I am wasting my time
The same woman who hasn't smoked since her RTT