Body/Intentional Living

A few ways to cultivate joy, heal and live life on your terms

♡Minimise and streamline the fucks you give

♡Clean your fridge, your gut, your closet, your mind and your contact list with the same amount of love and vigour

♡Do what is right for you

♡ Stop asking for opinions! Nature gave you inner navigation. Learn how to use it or find someone who will teach you

♡Touch, embrace, thank and rub oil into the body daily

♡Eliminate the evil whites- sugar and flour. There is an incredible tube in the body that is called the vagus nerve. It connects the whole system from brain to vital organs to cervix. The gut requires a clean foundation with happy bacteria so it can send signal to the brain as well as serotonin so if you re weepy or depressed or fatigued or moody or sick...choose what you put in your mouth. Refined sugars and gluten are the easy path way to inflammation, acid, cancer, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, Depression. I could go on....

♡Know yourself inside out

♡Say NO with a smile

♡Choose your thoughts, your words, your food, your company wisely

♡Get all of you together...a soaring soul, a fucking rocking body, a sexy mind and an unfuckwithable sense of worth

♡Say No....I know I said it but it's good to say it again. No to what doesnt feel right, no to that energy sucking conversation, no to staying stuck, no to another drink, no to sex when you don"t want it, no to anything or anyone robbing your peace

♡Learn the breathe of the yogis


♡Understand the sheer power of merging visualisation, heart centered meditation, prayer, the power of the Divine feminine and fluid movement... All in one

♡Say Fuck it when you've REALLY done all you could and you failed. Let go, course correct and start again.

♡ Hum Jingle Bells lyrics in your heart when you want to tune someone out.

♡ Stop talking and do something about it

♡ Stop being a victim. No one cares when you have this attitude I promise.

♡ Anger destroys liver, bitterness causes the heart to block and excessive worrying creates an avalanche of acid in the belly. Watch out!

♡ Create a woman empowerment playlist with all your favorite female singers

♡ Surround yourself with nature and creatures that make your heart burst open with love

♡ Put sand in the palm of your hand and let it be there

♡ Be verrrrryyyyyyy kind

♡ Sing out loud, walk around naked and take a bare footed walk in nature

♡ If he is destroying you, leave him

♡ Watch Queer Eye ☻

♡ Last but not least, unclip your wings, switch on your YOLO mode, book a flight to India, join me for 9 days and I'll give you first hand teaching on how to reinvent yourself as a woman, position yourself on a higher ground, relaunch your way forward in sexy sophistication and get yourself to your summit.