Darling Woman,

That Body
It's your Temple

Do you honour it
or do you just clean the skin 
and treat your gut and organs like a refuse bin

Are you slowly killing it?
Are you in love with it?

How is your skin
Your muscle tone
Your strength

Are you tending to it like a home
Because it is
It homes your soul

Strip naked
Stand infront of a mirror
And with loving forgiving and compassionate eyes
Look at it and embrace what it has given you

Commit to every inch of you
To start taking care of it
As its the only vehicle you have
To remain on this mission

Decide how you want to feel
Are you at ease in this body
If not change it
Wake up and intend to do all you can

To polish it from the inside out
You decide how it's gonna be
The size
The shape
The length
Your poise
Your waistline
The hills and the mountains
Are you eating your emotions away
And hiding behind clothes?

Ask yourself
Who is eating this
The wounded child
or the Goddess

Which emotion are you drowning?

Then make another decision
You feel it
It will respond
By shedding all it no longer needs
Weight, emotions, heaviness, 

Until it returns back to the ease and harmony
Of its natural state

I work with women in their emotional, physical and spiritual transformation.
Highly driven sensitive women who are struggling with the hurdles of their past and are ready to thrive beyond average