Dear Woman...

Dear Woman,

I know it hurts.
It hurts in your heart, your body and just about everywhere
But you have this mystical force within you
A force that can transform you and that pain
That rage and all the fury inside you.
Use it to build a fire
A fire that incinerates whoever and whatever no longer serves you
A fire that transforms and remolds
Then tame the fire down and walk right through it

You have just been too busy listening to them saying, 'You are nothing' but if only they knew.
If they just knew that if you decided to shut them up, they would never utter another word in their life
Curl the sides of your mouth up, penetrate your gaze and become silent
As when a woman is silent, the demons can't handle it

Respond with your aura. 
Breath over and over again
Close your eyes
Go right inside
And find YOU
You are there
In essence

Be silent and feel yourself
Silence deep enough you actually hear the currents going right through you
This is the surge you need to transform any part of you or your life that you do not like

Stop taking shit from them
Yes them - you know who they are

You know how.
You have just not practised enough because you've been wasting your time on little minds
Save your voice and let them know
Say NO in silence
They will hear, I promise

Stand up and get them all out of your way
Whoever they are-they must clear your path
Move them with your silent power

Absolute nothing and no-one can break you

The man who raped you
The husband who cheated on you
The guy who called you stupid
The one who crushed you because you were too powerful
He who didn't see you as a mystical force
The man who neglected you

The father who was never there
The mother who abandoned you

The friend who bullied you
The other one who called you names

They have no power
Unless you give it to them
They have nothing over you
You are giving them power
Cut the cords and take back what's yours
As you have work to do
Their disruption is wasting your time


Have you noticed lately, how absolutely beautiful you are
Have you told yourself this or are you too busy doing what is expected of you?
You think that because you have been through hell, you have lost your beauty or your spirit
It is exactly that hell that makes you even more fucking beautiful.

Stop trying to fit in
The space is too small to contain you
Be wild, gentle, loud, soft
Break the rules and fly

And that hell of yours left you with some cracks.
The cracks that were created with every punch and every word that came your way to harm you
Those cracks that made you believe you are broken
Those cracks are your force
They are what's lighting you up
You just haven't realised it yet

Tame your own reactions
Your silent reponse speaks louder than emotions
Protect yourself from your own mind
Rise above it

Roar and let the world know you are up!
Get up and stop being a victim
Wink at the demons and the shadows that try to haunt you
They too have no power

Hold hands with it
And let it tell you why it is there
If it is rational, thank it
If not, stop listening and keep it moving

Remember that child
The little girl you once were
That unfuckwithable gutsy gorgeous little girl
She's still there
Is she in the dark?
Go find her and get her out of there
Listen to her
Ask her for directions
For she knows where to take you

Now take yourself infront of a mirror
And abandon your clothes
Look right into every crevice
Every part of you

Put your hands on your breasts and feel the pearls of softness
Move them down and caress yourself on the way
Touch your Sacredness
Yes right there
Here is the diamond force
Your Yoniverse
The womb, the vagina
Fluid Mysterious
Awaken the juices
This is your power to create
Or recreate
Whatever your desires

You are a work of art
A Beautiful Rose
A Force
Look at yourself
Gaze right through you
You can't see it can you?

Look closer
Wipe the slumber from your eyes and wake the fuck up
Feel that surge of energy rise from the bottom of your spine right up to the top of your crown

Feel it is, see it is and think it is
And it will be

Look right through you
Queen, Creator, Goddess, Flower, Warrior Female, Wild Woman,
The beautiful, gorgeous, mystical creature that you are

And from the fire of your gut, say out loud,


Extracts from the 'Dear Woman' Letters that start every chapter of my beloved and upcoming book - I am WOMAN. The force of many words that woke me in the middle of the night because they were too powerful to stay in. 

I write this letter to the woman who is in so much pain, she has forgotten who she is.

Each letter opens a chapter that contains my own rendition of things, followed by a concoction of healing rituals. I tap into physical and emotional pain and the most creative and mundane ways to heal and transform yourself. I speak about my crazy sexy spiritual journey, instigated and inspired by a series of train wrecks, suicide attempts and a broken body. I take you through the journey of the child within you and the power she holds to merge and heal you. I map your way back so you can collect the fragments of spirit you left behind you. I indulge in ways to bring you back; methods that are so simple yet so mystical. I show you unconventional ways to tame your wild fires and stormy waters and use them for your own empowerment.

I have been there, done that and went through great big hurdles to get here but I made it and Im going to share every ounce of my journey; every story that became my loud speaker message to all of you beautiful women who need a way out from being broken. 

If you sense a speck of unfuckwithable; a need to get back up and this great force in your gut that you are here for more than what you have right now, I wrote this book for you

With ♡


Here's the link to the book