Fall Gracefully, Get Up Boldly - Healing Trauma

What keeps me sane is knowing that my life got the most incredible transformations after ever breakdown.

In the beginning of this soulful spiritual journey, I wasn’t qualified to recognise any signs and getting caught up in the every chaotic situation and the mere human existence was the only thing I knew.

Fast forward a few years and after some hard knocks I learnt a few things about getting back up pretty much instantly, right after life samurai kicks you in the chin

To make this story even more fiery, this little episode of shock and betrayal happened smack bang during full moon which gave it the perfect platform for absolute release

I sat down drinking coffee and writing the second chapter of my book and in a matter of 5 minutes my life literally turned on its head. It felt like I was taking a delicious stroll in a sunny park and a ginormous tsunami hit me from the back

That tsunami is the trauma and how we react to it determines whether it stays in our cells or not. Trauma when left unprocessed settles in a part of our system; it could be an organ, a joint, a cell- and unless it is expressed in tears, processed and seen through an incredible high perspective, it will eventually make another part of us weep.

This is trauma translating itself into disease.

Whatever trauma it is however big or small - whether it is moving house, losing a loved one,  betrayal or being held at gun point, if left to it, takes residence within, creates a life and a belief system of its own and starts to create havoc in our mental, energetic and soulful being

I ‘contracted’ a form of disease a year ago.

A disease in the form of bleeding gums, low thyroid, adrenal burn out, weak muscles and heart beat and some out of the blues hair fallout. To get my life back on track, I had to go deep into this.

I steered away from conventional medicine and instead focused on the root layer where I had stored a whole year of heartache and loss.

Only recently, after going through endless supplies of supplements, liver cleanses and sattvic foods to get me back on track, I cut right through and went deeper than ever before. Compared to my holistic initiative to treat this whole umbrella of symptoms, which left me feeling totally washed out, spiritless and demotivated, I found that these energetic techniques (that I will share with you) will get you back on track effortlessly

Back to the tsunami

I received the news over a phone call and instantly I went into shock. The hands shook uncontrollably and the heart and chest felt like they had been hit by a truck. There was a choking sensation in my throat and the rage made me wish to vomit.

So a simple few words uttered with no integrity, no compassion and a heartless coldness created all of that. The phone went down and I honestly felt like I was spinning in the middle of the ocean. This was the epitome of betrayal and a total breaking of a very foundational promise.

Without going into much detail but to allow you to understand a little better, it involved a family member and property

The minute I put the phone down, instantly with no thought my hand went on my heart as if to try and keep it in. I felt the whole year pass me by and all the symptoms that I worked so hard to heal, all coming back to take their old residence

We have 2 choices when it comes to such situations.

React or respond.

A reaction will start a fire that will eventually burn you and nobody else. Rage and fury expressed at that very moment will cause the spirit to leave you and go to the other person. Nothing will be solved so you need to choose your battles wisely.

A response on the other hand, enables you to keep your crown in place and walk solidly through it

I am in no way saying that responding is easy but in my case, I had a loud reminder that this can cost me my cells and my glands again. I instantly decided that it’s not worth the trouble and I decided to hold on to my spirit so it could support me in a way forward

Let me take your through the steps as thoroughly as I can


Walk away from the situation that is causing you harm, whether it is physically or mentally. Look up and ask for help and then with eyes closed repeat over and over again until it is coming out of your pores

Let it go, let it go, let it go.

This is one of the most powerful mantras and its effect on your system is instant.

I must have said it 50 times and it felt like a blanket of calm fell upon me from heaven.
Having the full moon on my side, I repeated this with so much passion that it made me feel liberated almost instantly. 
Holding on to what life is trying to rid you of is the most destructive behaviour you can adopt. If its meant to be yours, believe me it is there to stay, if not, you may as well go with that flow.


The whole focus needs to go on your breathing.
Easy long calm composed breathing with eyes closed.
This puts you in the present moment and right where you need to be
Noticing the in and out of the breathe, has an almost instant peaceful effect. This brings the heart beat right down and switches off the fight or flight button. If this button stays on, the nervous system gets wrecked and it will leak adrenaline into every part of you, burning and destroying.



Whether it is a walk or a jog or Yoga, move with the intention of cleansing whatever emotions you felt right out of the system. If this cannot be done instantly, then close your eyes and visualize the heavy energy leaving your body and see it go into the ground, a little like shower water going down the drain



Do not ask why.
See it as a lesson coming your way.
Only that
When something or someone is taken away from you, the Universe is literally creating space for growth. 
Remember that the soil has to be disrupted before the new seed gets sowed so look at the disruption through a different lens



Once you are in a serene state of mind, go through a series of Pranayama (Yogic Breathing exercises) and let the mind slip into nothingness. Of course, this, you might be thinking, is next to impossible but it is as easy or as hard as you make it. Thoughts will be bombarding you more so now that you are trying to find some peace and all you need to do is continuously return the focus to the breath.

Always ask for divine guidance before any form of energy work.
When your breathe and mind are stable visualize yourself standing solidly.
Then bring into the mind’s eye, the person in front of you and express in full honesty and stability how you feel. Whoever the person is, do not hold back. Composure and centre is key. Then from your centre see a small ball of light growing until it covers your auric space however big you want to make it. If there any cords, ask your guides to cut, sever or burn and send the person away with the best of intentions

Upon coming out of this vision, place one hand on your heart and another one on your centre and allow your light to really shimmer. Wish yourself well and just before you open your eyes, repeat the mantra

I Let it go.
I let go
I surrender
I trust I am exactly where I need to be
I wish myself well
I trust this is

Put your hands in prayer rub them together until you create heat and then rub the healing hands from the crown right down to the feet to seal the work

Once this is completed, witness how you feel.

Focus on feeling not thought as the mind rolls down slippery hills in situations like these. Cry if you must but do it with the intention to release rather to feel sorry for yourself. Your intention and how you take this on truly determines the outcome of the situation. Cleansing your system from any negativity allows you to be very stable and centred in the midst of the storm. Your vibrations will be clean and the way forward will be clearer.

To a smooth journey



For Trauma Healing….