(Uncensored) FUCK YOU


Say it woman
Not in anger
Say it from a place of ease
With a smile on your face

Let the words carry the vibration of self-respect
This is you saying it boldly in case the other person hasn't quite grasped the idea
The idea that you are a woman who is in total love with herself, her soul, her spirit

She is done with that small part of her 
She who settles for less

Close your eyes and say the words.....

Fuck you

Trust me, when you find that graceful centre
That self-love affair
That sense of worth
You won't need the words
But until them, let them assist you

You don't even need to say them in anyone's face
Just imagine they are there
Close your eyes, build an inner sense of power
And from that new sense of self


Fuck you

We're done

To whoever, whatever is robbing you from your joy

I'm walking forward and you ain't coming with me

With grace
No force
No heart pumping
No redness in the face

Just plain 

Fuck you

They are words that can empower or deplete you
So, I'm telling you exactly how to use them

Let them release you
Let them put you back in the present moment

Right now as you decide that you are worth more
More than average
More than being hidden in a corner of the world
Begging and pleading for attention

No no you are not swearing, lady.
You are making a point
Perhaps you haven't been able to express it well
And that suppressed emotion is about to burn an organ

Those tears, let them flow and turn them into a river
That anger and hurt, let it transform and leave the body

It's not worth it, I promise you

Say it, Fuck you!
Stand tall
Don't forget

Say it.....
I loved you but now I love me more.

And that's it
Just walk away

You are claiming your spot in the limelight
You are choosing what you desire
What matches your new YOU