Healing With No Medicine - A Holistic Elixir

Around 15 years ago my idea of relaxing and having a break was a fag or two, a giant Coke and a McDonald's Meal! This mostly happened after a long day of dance rehearsals but over time it became the norm to fuel myself with toxins in total ignorance and enjoy it.

My diet was coffee, coke, fags, bread, red meat, fried food, chocolate galore, anti depressants constipation and pain. And because I was in full time Dance training, I naively thought I could get away with ituntil the shit hit the fan. 

And this is how life nudged me to change

A time I ate a piece of chocolate and within minutes I was in hospital, connected to monitors and wires listening to a doctor saying we're losing her. - my windpipe had decided to constrict and leave me breathless

A time where my heart pumped 90 beats per minute at rest

A time where every ovulation brought on physical swelling, high fever and sleep disease. And that went on for a year until I looked like a balloon

A time where, I sat at my computer, feeling faint and blurry with sharp pains in my left arm - that was another non pleasant visit to hospital

So anyway, there were a few more events and I was forced into the doctor's office for a check up. Now, those who know me are more than familiar with how much I loathe needles but my health was deteriorating and I had no choice. Following a full on blood check, I was sent home with

'Nothing is wrong with you, your blood tests are fine'

And I thought, if nothing is wrong with my body then my mind must be fricken crazy.

I was recommended Dr.Lydia and she harshly stripped me from my bread, fag and shit diet. I cried for 3 days with stinking withdrawal symptoms. I had no idea what to eat but all I know is that with the right recipe of supplements and all the colours on my plate, I remember emptying my bowels without the need for laxatives or any forceful chemicals. I was sold

This was not a diet but a life routine to keep me alive.

The fags went, the bread was forced away and after learning about food consciousness and being in India, the meat went too. I was determined to permamantly change and my new bowel movements reminded me daily of how great it feels to detox daily and naturally.

With my new lifestyle, Yoga, awareness and an extremely new found love for self, I embarked on my own study of what works for me on a long term basis away from what any doctor imposed on me. Intuition and getting to know the body is paramount. I also promised myself to lead a life healthy enough not to need doctors further.

I had lost faith in the medical world after the birth of my son and now I was the number 1 thumbs down fan!

So fast forward to last week where I was hit with intense molar and gum pain. I kind of knew that I had slipped slightly from my usual health regime and my body is always in launch position to let me know. My gums are the first signs and I usually go through the 'oh shit, what have I done to cause this to denial to full on acceptance to my healing regime

Emotions are usually the trigger for my gums and each ulcer or tooth ache is generally connected to particular people and events. 

So to the healing process

The Diet
Due to my negligence in the past and the many tiny bits of gathered up traumas, I developed Adrenal Fatigue over the years and gum issues are closely linked so I know that the gut is the first place to sort out. As much as I passionately dislike eating animals, Bone Broth is the first thing I put on the stove. It reduces inflammation and heals a leaky gut which can be the cause of many deadly issues in our body.

My breakfast drink of coffee gets replaced with 'Golden Milk' which is warmed up and liquidised Coconut milk, Honey, Turmeric and lots of Ginger. Sugar is instantly removed and even fruit is reduced. Either that or a probiotic Kefir Strawberry Shake to support the belly.

I drink copious amount of body temperature coconut water to restore and calm the digestive system and eat clean food that is vibrant in colour. My favourite calming meal is a stir frying of Spinach, Mange Tout and Grated Carrot, seasoned and topped with Olive Tofu..

My mid morning snack is a pint or more of liquidised Beetroot, Apple and Ginger and with gums and teeth being sore, solid food is gently eliminated for a few days.

The Holistic Cocktail
I tend to have an on and off relationship with supplements but when my gum screams, totally silencing me, I know I need to get back on track. There is nothing like physical pain that shoves a pepper up my arse to get me moving

So this is my collection of supportive pills
Amla - Indian Gooseberry which is a very powerful source of Vit C, an antioxidant treating inflammation, infections, constipation and even Cancer
Ashwaganda, another Ayurvedic wonder to calm the nervous system
Vit B Complex
Moringa, again for inflammation, infections and the health of the nervous system
Vit D
Rhodiola Root for my Adrenals

The Gum Wash
I do not use flouride and this is one of the reasons why I dislike visiting a dentist. I have to go through the drama of hearing their bullshit about this subject and 'natural stuff isnt going to save me' crap talk. So this time prior to my reluctant appointment, I bought a tube of colgate so I coould use it as my voice. Not sure if you ever noticed but it says that in case of swallowing to seek medical help or to contact the Poison Control Centre right away.
Nuff said

So for a whole week and about 3 times a day, I pulled Organic Coconut Oil with Himalayan Salt and Clove Oil. The pain left in seconds. I was hoping it was going to ease completely so I wouldnt have to go to the dentist but hey, it didnt go as planned so the night prior to my appointment, I made a quick concoction of Turmeric, Sesame and Cocolnut Oil with crushed Garlic and I chewed on it before bedtime. I placed a whole clove on the traumatic part and I woke up every couple of hours to rinse and replace. This was of course a sleepless night but anything for my health.
I also wrote my own Cell Regeneration Hypnotic Script with a 432 hz Subliminal Background so I could let it play all night. At bedtime, my gum felt like a grape and by the morning I had no pain and no swelling.

The Dentist appointment went smoothly with some bad news that my past smoking has finally reached my bone but nothing deadly

So, that is more or less an urgent healing prescription however most items are part of my daily life.  Do not play around with your health, we only have one life and one body so we may as well take care of it and fuel it well. Think of it this way - Imagine your petrol engine car being taken for a refuel and maybe just as a one off you think giving it diesel would be a lovely 'treat'

Good Luck with that :)


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