Have you ever woken up, looked at yourself in the mirror and felt like screaming or shouting in someone’s face or just punching a wall?

You want to say –

I fucking hate you…

But ‘no no’ says that voice.

‘You are not allowed to do that’.

You are meant to self-love and to ‘listen to the body and be gentle’ bs yet all you want to do is hide beneath layers of clothing so you don’t see the jiggle in your thighs or the muffin over your trousers.

You look around and everyone seems to be doing perfectly well whilst disobeying universal laws and eating shit and there you are doing everything in the books to proclaim self-love, forgive yourself, eat well, be calm, look like you’re ok, to whisper words of love towards yourself yet nothing seems to fucking work.

You eat lettuce, spinach and kale yet your arse still looks like the fresh supply of oranges at the farmers market. Your kitchen resembles an organic store. You see the woman next to you eating chips with a size 8 body and there you are feeding on fresh grass whilst still bordering on whale. You’ve gone on every fucking keto, hillbilly diets on the market. You’ve read all the self-help books and consulted with all the constellations, yet something is not fucking right. Another hour of yoga and Reiki and Meditation and you risk turning into the Dalai Lama himself. 

Yet your shit is not together.

Your body is in total disorder.
It seems to have a mind of its own and just wants to run riot.


You’re just having one of those werewolf moments and I’m here to tell you, it’s ok.
You’re honestly done doing things to make you better, to heal you, to get you to the next step yet and life seems to always be ready to send the next shit torpedo to land on your head.

Something is always up.
The body, the hormones, your period, your cravings, your belly.
The soul wants to go on that journey, your mind is analyzing and critising it and the body just wants to lay down and be. Your limbic brain is like a crack addict asking for sugar. Your glands have gone on a permanent retirement scheme and you’re there in the middle dealing with all of it.

You’re tired yet you got so much more spirit inside you.
You don’t know which one to listen to…..
The body, the mind, the soul, your hunger, your wild self, your cravings.

I mean can’t they all fucking get along and be ONE.

All in ONE fucking perfect alignment.

Woman, I get you!

You’re pissed off, enraged, loose canon style angry.
It’s not like you’re sitting on your arse doing nothing.
You’re doing everything and nothing it works
Yes I get you and it’s ok


Woman listen up.
That self-hate campaign, rage or pissed off feeling inside you needs to be freed in a specific way or else it settles in, starts a raging war and wrecks your entire system. You can mark my words on this one.

I am going to show you how to take that discipline stick over your emotions. I am here to allow you to let out what you’ve bottled, say whatever you have to say and hand you over one tool to reign over a self-hate campaign.

You need to get the whole system working in harmony.
If the soul wants one thing, the mind is saying the opposite and the body wants to do another….

you gotta show up and be BOSS 

Ok now before I tell you exactly what you’re about to do to tame that volcano of yours, let me just make one thing clear.

If you’re a ‘goodie good’ girl with daddy’s voice in her head telling her off for swearing, move along dolly as this blog is not for you.

I am talking to the woman with more alpha than fairy.
You see when you have more alpha than fairy you require a special kind of Woman manual because you are one of a kind. You are clearly here for Warrior reasons and you can handle more than any other BUT unless you learn the strategy for YOUR kind of self-loving management, you are heading towards disaster. You need to understand that the erected alpha, power, male fire will end up devouring and burning down the divine feminine in you.

And you don’t want that

Male energy can either be a wild forest fire or a fire-place contained flame.
The idea here is that you learn how to elevate your ‘calming water’ levels so you tame that volcanic hateful eruption into a warming fire before it bbq’s your cells.

Smiling your way through it and pretending it’s a bird chirping fine, sunny morning is not the way!
Well at least not for the phenomenally wild woman I am talking to here.

Here it is…

A potent self programming Cell Commanding script combined with Ho’oponopono, my signature ‘Conversation with the Body’ technique & EFT Tapping.

and It has one destination in mind

To put you back in a state of harmony and ease.
When there is rage, you are required to come in with order and compassion and the script has been designed with this in mind. You are actually emptying the canals from pent up grime so let your hair down and roar it out.

The tapping works by allowing you to vent freely without causing any damage to yourself
The Ho’oponopono implements a subtle forgiveness and a deep letting go>
The Cell Command is exactly that - You are commanding every part of you to return back to original coding.
Through the ‘Conversation with the Body’ you are speaking to the body with authority telling it exactly how to behave.

The Script

Tapping the Karate chop
Repeat up to 5 x
and allow any emotions to show up. Tears, voice…whatever you feel. Let it happen ok.

Even though right now I am pissed off at you and I fucking hate you,
I absolutely love, honour, forgive and accept myself

Tapping the Meriedien points
Top of the head, 3rd eye, temple, under eye, under nose, chin, collarbone, under arm.

Venting it out and conversing with the body….
I fucking hate you
Honestly, I’m done with your shit
I am doing all I can to keep you happy
I’m done with your drama
And you are rejecting it all
I feed you well
I give you a full nights rest
I clean you
Repeat until you feel the ease coming your way

I may have not been there for you all the time
But I’m drawing the line on that
I asked for forgiveness
I said I was truly sorry for neglecting you
For not loving you
For not taking care of you
For not appreciating you
I’m sorry if I wasn’t in tune with you in the past
Please forgive me for leaving you alone
Forgive me for not paying attention to you
I am very thankful for all you do
I love you, I truly do
I apologized and I apologize again
But enough is enough now

Conversing & Commanding…
f you are stuck there
It’s time to move on and catch up
We got work to do
My soul is not here to limp around
I have a Warrior Soul and I need a Warrior Body
So you are going to drop the drama
Stop rejecting all the goodness that is coming your way
And settle down and do as you’re told

Stop acting like you’re the mind
You’re not the mind
You are NOT the mind
(repeat this as many times as you can)

You are the Body
I tell you what to do here
I am boss
And you listen
You do as I say because I am running the show here
And I am commanding you right now
To go back to being in absolute harmony

I am commanding you to return to your original coding
Return to the beautiful, lean, long, light being
Perfect order
I want you back in perfect order
I am commanding you to go back to perfect order
Your original coding

You are getting all you need
Food, love, water, rest and exercise
So step it up as I need a warrior body to go with a warrior spirit

 You are made to be a miracle
You know what to do in every situation
You are a miracle and you’re forgetting it
You are going back to being a miracle
You know how to operate in full harmony

I know you want to be perfect
I know you are craving to be beautiful
To look beautiful
To feel beautiful

Not struggling and striving
Acting old and behaving like everything is wrong

I am going to treat you like the Warrior you truly are
And you are going to behave like a warrior

You are not the past
You are not a victim

Whatever happened in the past
Whatever you went through back then
We are putting to rest right this very minute

I am sorry you went through all of it
Please forgive me for not being there
Thank you for everything that you supported me in
And even though I may not have shown it enough
I truly love you.

Last dose of Conversing & Commanding…
I want you back in place
In full health
In full harmony
In full warrior mode
I am here to listen
But you’re not boss
I am boss
You are following my commands
I am not bowing down to yours
As I am running the show
A Warrior Spirit requires a Warrior Body
And so it is

Close your eyes, breath and relax

This script can be redesigned to your specific needs.
I added a lot of ‘letting go’ to mine and I poohed my guts out a few hours later.
It is potent and when done with an open mind, it can truly transform the anger and heal you.

If you are after your own bespoke freedom script and you need some Queen hand holding, get in touch here- janet@janetvella.com. Whatever it is you need, I got you covered.

In this case, I focused on Body Image but it can be used to ease emotional turmoil, unknown weight gain AND Hormonal Imbalance