Love Handles & Liver

Just days away from completing my 21 breathe 21 day Yoga challenge, I found myself bloated and feeling like I had eaten a whale. The bloat was a roll of extra layer around my waistline and it felt most unnatural to see the body in this state since I am and have paid utmost care and attention to the physical body throughout my life

A couple of incidents then brought on the aha moment.

I'm not a drinker never was and never will be but I enjoy the odd glass of red wine. I have been known to get drunk just by smelling the wine but I only saw that as a good sign of being light weight. 

But things went further

I landed in Malta and went straight into a family gathering. The following morning after having consumed a couple of reds, I woke up with what I thought was food poisoning. My head was pounding and my stomach churned all day. I put it down as transitional reaction as I had travelled from India and I left it at that.

A few days later, after consuming one of the lightest beers with a meal, I woke up with a full on hang over. Pain in my right side, nausea, headache and a total feeling of dullness. This went slightly beyond being light weight

I instantly knew it was the alcohol and since I consume it on a very random basis, the body was showing an even stronger reaction to every ‘one off’

Then I did my sums

Waist roll of heaviness, lumpy skin, constipation, bloating, love handles, fatigue, nausea, pain in my right side, strong reaction to alcohol, a general feeling of dullness and low moods


So, I stopped the cardio yoga practise and embarked on a 3 day liver healing.


The recipe included a potent celery, lemon, apple ginger juice, Epsom salts consumption, aromatherapy salt baths, coconut & olive oil, beets, coffee enema, lemons and a Yoga Therapy practise to accompany and support the organ in need.

Whenever I embark on such a dedicated healing process, I also use what I call ‘conversing with the body’ technique which is basically just that.

You get in touch with that particular body part and you speak to it like it were a gentle little child. This method of healing emerged after noticing that my pelvis stalled every time I experienced a life change. When I say stalled I mean literally stagnated, no moving, intense ‘can’t touch my toes’ stiffness and since I am hyper mobile by nature this was obviously unnatural to me

The pelvis, like it does, was reacting to moving forward and since I am quite the traveller, this particular part of me was creating resistance to my every move especially when they were abrupt.
Once I tapped into that and realised that this was an emotion that needed care, love and attention, I decided to have a little conversation with the hips.

It is incredible how the body reacts to compassion and understanding. It is what I now call – the perfect collaboration between the mind and the body

So back to the liver and the cleansing recipe

In 2 days, I witnessed the body being cleansed of a lump of toxins.
The belly was happy again. My poop sank to the bottom (yep I had to pay attention to this)
My visits to the toilet became a breeze as the constipation disappeared and the body was happy to flush it all out effortlessly and instantly especially after juicing.

Once the belly felt light I went straight into Yoga Therapy. This involves a 21 breathe hold of specific poses that shower the organ with fresh blood flow and oxygen.  It is a marriage of twists fists and ankle connection that stimulate detox and dig deep into the root. The hold means you are directing your full-on focus breath intention to that particular part. It is a short intense healing session.

And just to make sure I eliminate any stagnant toxins I started a 21 day garlic, oregano oil & papaya seed supplement cleanse. 

Because the liver is highly connected to digestion, thyroid function and weight loss, I am including it in the 21 Breathe 21 Day program for free for a very limited time. There is no way that the body will let go of any weight unless the liver is happy, so any excessive exercise plans or diets are pretty much useless.

To receive it please go to the link below