manifesting like a mf💋

In case you weren’t aware of it, the best time to manifest your desires is during a New Moon but Im here to give you a plan beyond that.

On the mystical side….

When the moon offers an elegant snicker of light, we are thought to be in the dark unknown and to trust and surrender to our divine path. The trust that we will reach the climax of it's light when its full and very lunatic and powerful to manifest our soul's desires and destroy anything that no longer serves us or our mission.

The New Moon is when the earth energy is ‘moist’ and allows us to plant seeds and the Full Moon is when we are required to let go and move away from what is keep us chained

On the more straightforward and down to earth side…..

If you’re sitting in the middle of the room wishing and hoping for enlightment to hit you on the head, as you Om your way through, then you will be wishing on for a while.

The idea is that you position that desire, get up, walk to the light switch and turn it on yourself. (action)
Then you can sit, work on your own light and let go of the outcome in full trust that you’ve done all you could to make it happen. (trust)

This is you in full collaboration with life!
Balanced and equal
It is Manifesting like a MF
Like you mean business and you’re ready to do half the work yourself.

Manifesting, dreaming and desiring is not a one time thing and neither is letting go.
Letting go of what is not serving you and sowing new seeds is a daily, nightly, middaily, mid weekly and all the time. Like we shower daily and wash the layer that is dirty, we dig, pull out the weeds and disrupt the debris from the mind and the deeper layers that carry the most ‘grime’. Then every night after the inside out bathing rituals, you plant a seed and tell that deeper aspect of you to work on it as you rest.

It’s the cool collaboration of the Conscious and sub-conscious.
You tell the sub-consious what you want to solve, sort through, manifest and find out (sowing the seed)
You go to sleep and you allow that part of you to work its magic.

Then you do that again every morning as you soap and rinse the skin…..

You declare what you want from your day
You command the cells to operate at the highest vibration
You dialogue with your mind
You set an intention
You commit to playing the leading lady of your own life
You feel it in your heart, your gut and in every cell of your being
The unbecoming and the becoming
You close our eyes and you step into that desire
You commit to cleaning the depth of your being if and everytime the need arises.
And then you show up for your day

This is not a one time thing
It is not a one way stream either
It is not over doing or being over passive
Its a beautiful balance of bold and graceful
Asking and receiving
Doing and Being
Praying and waiting for God to answer you

We have one life to live and waiting around is not what we are here to do…
Yes by all means wait and work with the universal energies to assist you but then on the rest of the days, work on yourself, polish up, dig, plough, dig some more, pull the deadly weeds out, empty your recycling bin, update the software and water the earth yourself if it gets dry. It’s your birthright to ask for what you desire but your responsibility to do whatever it takes to move yourself towards it.

It’s the Yin & Yang of life
An equal tending to spirit and to matter
It’s part mystical part human
It’s your way of showing life that you are helping yourself and not just asking for help
When you take these steps of responsibility, of doing the work of continuously stepping into your greatness every single day, life gets it and it steps in boldly to assist.

So these are the steps for manifestation

Disrupt the soil (bravely)
Eradicate the rotten root (relentlessly)
Dig, plough pull the weeds out until you have fresh ground (mercilessly)
Plant the seed (gracefully)
Moisten your earth (consistently)

In a little more detail........

♠️ Before you move forward, you need to unshakle the chains and this is a brave journey inward to investigate what is sabotaging and holding you back.

♠️ You go back to that place that handcuffed you, form a new understanding, complete the crucial steps of forgiveness, then flip the expired script and find freedom.

♠️ Clean yourself, physically, mentally and energetically through Chakra work, Yoga, Breathing, Meditating, Tapping, Shamanic practises, rewiring your brain, music, dancing and anything that works for you.

♠️Step FULLY into your desire DAILY.
As you shower, as you cook, as you walk to your car, as you meditate as you yoga.
Find that place in your body that flutters when you think about what you truly want.
This is where your manifestation needs to take place from.
It is usually the space between the heart and the gut. If this doesnt come to life when you are planting a seed, no tree cometh!
This place starts the process, it then sends the message and energy to the brain and the brain passes it on to the mind, the mind into the universal aura until its all in and around you.

(Manifesting with the mind only is a waste of time)

Ask for it in abundance
If it’s aligned with your path, it’s coming your way
If you feel it in your every corner, see it clearly in movement and colour and become it every single moment you find, it’s coming

Speak up and say what you have to offer to help make this happen.
The universe is happy to liaise with you if your offerring is in a natural flow with no force, invasion or manic rush.
So, offer, get out of your own way and then let the universe work its magic.

♠️ Make it precise, very light, vibrating with the flutter in your centre, your heart and your inner eye.
This aligns you with the universe divinely, allows you to carry on with life whilst the magic takes place

♠️ And last but not least - Always be ready to get what you need and not what you want, let go of the how and the when and get on with life!

With love