How to Manifest like a MF 🌸

3 days before Xmas 2017, with all bags packed and ready to depart to India, I had 2 things to do,

Go and salute my dad.
I knew in the depth of my soul that he was about to leave this plane so I visited him in his home as he sat there strapped to a chair in a nappy and whispered my goodbyes in his ears.

I also wanted to salute the Mediterranean Sea.

I had been living in Sliema for 7 years and I could literally roll out of bed and onto the beach. I knew I would be greeted by the Holy Ganges once I got to India but I still had to honour what had surrounded and kept my fire in place.

I went round my favourite beaches in Malta and just sat and looked at the water.

Being a feisty, fire cracker with Pitta as my main Dosha, having water around me is like a calming drug. I dry up and simply cannot survive without it.


After all the mayhem of losing my dad just days after landing in Asia and with my brother on death row days after that, I looked down, put my hand on my heart and wished one of the biggest wishes of all.

I was going to turn my life around in India.
I wanted richness in all departments and I was relentless in my desires. 


Met Kabir a month later or perhaps suitably said as ‘Manifested’ him….and we decided to jet off to Mumbai to start afresh and build the life we were after.

Oh Boy, did we not know what was in store!

This was my 1st clash with culture.
We weren't married and little did I know that finding a home was going to be met by close minded red taped bs. Thoughts rummaged through my head. I left my birth country to free my wings and here I am being caged by another culture. Ego took over and this wasn’t looking pretty. Kabir kept it silently together and we finally matched our search with an open minded landlord.

Here’s the BUT!

The apartment was FUCK UGLY and we had to look away and settle in. There was no water, no sea, no Ganges in the vicinity. A soaring humid temperature of 40 and too earthy for my liking. No one spoke English and the men stared at me like I was a piece of fresh meat on a plate. There was a small outdoor pool in the apartment complex with strict swim wear restrictions. I honestly thought I was on fire. Again, thoughts rummaged through and I cried and missed the Ganges and the Med. The apartment had rusty steel bars too so this life test was pissing me right off. 


Few days into settling, we took a Tuk Tuk to town and came across a Lake.
It was Lake Powai and we literally just happened upon her. I had tears rof relief rolling down my cheeks when I saw her.

That morning, when we left Rishikesh, I had rolled Kabir out of bed so we could walk to the Ganges, sit by her edge and salute her before departing. Then got in a cab and headed for a new city. As we drove past her, I was choking in silent tears. This River had saved my arse multiple times but a quest for more structured life, veered me away from it.

That moment, with a very soaring heart for what was to come and what we were about to do, I asked for water to meet us on the other side and left it at that.


And there it was.
We never planned it.
We happened to have found a place in a part of the city with a Lake just by its side.

Looking at Powai Lake, I knew life had heard me.
This was lottery to the soul.


I started walking there everyday until I was followed by 5 men and groped by a young boy and I promise you, I nearly lost my plot. Mumbai was testing my wits.

Six months in, I went to Kabir one day and said,

I'm done here, I need water. I'm suffocating and feel really unsafe.

He looked at me and said,

Relax, be patient, let's end the contract and a door will open.

I realised I had entered ‘rant’ state.

I was hot, bothered, hormonal and heavy in mind and body.

Kabir knew I wasn’t the patient one but he kept calm and left me to it. I had no oomph to practise, sit still or Meditate but that ‘blessing disguised as mess’ place was one I had encountered many times and I knew it was leading us to gold. I put my eyes on the destination and got on with my shit.

We put a plan in place and we just had to work it, regardless.

One day I woke up and decided to take it to the next level.

Shit (and I mean alot of legal shit) had hit the fan, around money, will and property following my dad’s death and it really got me by the curlies. I closed some doors, opened the only one I wanted to walk through, invested highly in changing my business and embarked on a milionaire project.

In the process of getting back my magic wand and re-focusing my energy, I kind of forgot about the ugliness that surrounded us. 

A few blocks away from us was this gorgeous place called Hiranandani.

The gym was there so we visited this place daily. It had tall, white Roman style buildings and felt like someone had designed a mix of East and West in one place. Roads were lined up with colossal palm trees and the public gardens looked like jungles. The place was serene, safe and spacious. I felt my wings unclip and my health returning. I used to walk there in scorching heat from where we lived just to get away from our place.

No weirdos, no spitting, no hungry male eyes, no groping.


Fast forward 10 months into our contract, I went to Hiranandani Starbucks for my daily fix of java and writing and few minutes in, I felt a strong urge to walk. The same urge I got just before I wrote ‘I am Woman’.

Walking with no agenda and eyes down had become quite the thing. It was a moving meditation and it allowed me to listen to life.

So, back to Starbucks.

I put music in between my ears and started my ‘no agenda’ walk round this gorgoeus part of town. I walked, admired, smiled, admired some more and I felt this joy building inside me.

I knew this feeling too well.

It happens when I am about to make some magic.
It’s a little heart, gut, soul get together.
It’s as if I can feel the magic that's round the corner.
And I felt it all over

There were 1000000 butterflies.

All with sparking wings.
The more I admired, the more they fluttered. 

The year behind rusty bars did no magic to my health but I kept it under control as much as I could.  That shady afternoon, as I walked, I felt this deep desire for myself. I just wanted to wish myself well. I wanted to be in India but on my terms and I knew I could make it happen.

It had been a tiresome journey and I was truly done.

That day, as I walked, my mind played no part of it.

There was no ‘I want.’
It went far beyond that.

I wasn't thinking.
I was desiring with joy in my belly, a few tears in my eyes and a heart full of passion for a life that I dreamed of and deserved. Just like I used to feel when I was a child-that magical feeling like it was already happening.

I looked at one of the buildings and I said to myself, 


It was no future declaration.
It was happening in my soul already.
I felt it.

I went to Kabir that evening and I told him about my little magician's walk and he said,

Monkey, forget it.
Those are Million Dollar apartments. 

(He calls me Monkey btw.

Probably because I sat and fed a long tailed, black faced monkey and cried with excitment, a few days into knowing him)

Now the thing is this.

Kabir didn't know this about me.
He didn’t know that when my heart, gut and spirit get together and make a plan, NOTHING - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING gets in the way. I see it, feel it and start breathing it.

So when he said forget it, it was my turn to say to him,

Relax, sit back and see.

Things happened, life shifted things around and 3 weeks later we were in a 15th floor apartment overlooking Lake Powai and the Jungle right there in Hiranadani!


You probably do not realise, but in the midst of visuals and verbal journeys, I walked you through the exact strategy for Manifestation!

Manifestation has 7 vital organs.

A lot of tactics can be used but you miss one of the vital strategic steps and your order ain’t coming.

You see, when we want something we don’t have, the ego looks for a way to leave shitland and get to fairyland but that is a downhill ride to ‘never gonna happen’ land . You probably want to sit down right this very minute and wish that discomfort to go away or that man to walk straight to your arms or a one way ticket outta here or the business you so want to have but that’s not the way it goes.

You need to do the steps and learn the way through.

I promise you this is a strategy that can be life changing and I want to teach it to you.

So, my darling, it's time I share all of this with you - a little life changing recipe of-

Magic & Mystisism, Million Dollar Desires, Mantra, Mastering Mind & Meditation

Now, in case you’re thinking that you’re about to step on Aladdin’s carpet to pick up that Lamp, let me tell you what it’s not.

This is no - ‘I believe, I can do it’ kinda program.
Belief battles and gets easily overshadowed by doubt.
I want to teach you how to go beyond that.

This is not a ‘sit on your arse’, ‘Om’ your way through and expect the halo to appear.

It is definetely not a ‘Do it once’ kinda thing.

Or a beg, pray and wait for God to answer.

It is a very potent no BS ‘Spiritual meet Strategy’ kind of thing and you need to work it.
I hand over real life proven tactics, short cuts to avoid and the ones to take, tell you how to implement it in your daily life and then it is up to you to make the magic.

The idea is that you become your own Life Manifestor.

Just to conclude….

Whatever it is that you desire and is aligned within your Divine path is YOURS to claim but you may be blocking it unconsciously or have no clue what to do to bring it your way. I’m here to show you how to do it as a life dotted with fulfilled desires is the only one worth living.

Get on the waiting list and I'll see you on the other side