When the soil is moist....plant the seed!

It's time.....

When the moon offers only a snicker of a light, we are thought to be in the dark unknown to walk our path in full commitment and trust. The trust that we will reach the climax of it's light when its full and very lunatic and powerful to manifest our soul's desires and destroy anything that no longer serves us or our mission.

This Moon, as all are saying is one of the most moist in its power to grow seeds and it is a moment we should make use of.  

I share with you one of the simplest most powerful ways to sow your seeds during New Moon


Clean yourself, physically, mentally and energetically through showering, practising Yoga, lighting candles and incense. Connect with the sound of the breath until you are in a trance like state. When and if the mind escapes, keep returning to the breath. Breathe into the belly not the chest and feel it rise on the inhale and fall on the exhale

Find that place in your body that flutters when you think about the things you love.
This is where your manifestation needs to take place from.
It is usually the space between the heart and the gut. 
Connect that place to the Moon.

Then keep it simple and condense to only 3 meaningful wishes.
Do not be greedy and make sure you are open to receive and give back to the world. This is the moment where you need to visualise it and see yourself having it before it even happens. Take yourself to the destination mentally before you get there physically.
Stick to the 3 wishes and every night rehearse the visions in your mind's eye until Full Moon.

If it's finances - dictate the quantity and the date you need them by. Choose only a number that aligns with your gut.

If it's love - describe what you are after. Focus on what you want not the qualities you despise

If it's anything else - just make it clear and simple. Think of how clear you are when you order a coffee :0) you never say I want a coffee, you will make it clear - I would like a Skinny Almond Milk Latte with a slight sprinkle of Chocolate on top, no cream. And make that decaf.

Mention also what you have to offer to help make this happen. The universe is happy to liaise with you if your offerring is in a natural flow with no force, invasion or manic rush. So, offer, get out of your own way and then let the universe work its magic.

Make it precise and very matter of fact, connecting only with the flutter in your centre. This aligns you with the universe divinely and confidently. Then like you would do in the cafe, you pay for your order, you sit down and you wait till it arrives. You don't check on it every two seconds or you'll risk being thrown out of the cafe :)

And last but not least - Always be ready to get what you need and not what you want, let go of the how and the when and get on with life!

Sit in Lotus Pose, crossed legs so the energy is retained within the energetic sphere and hands placed on thighs palms facing up in receiving mode. The spine is long and regal and the chin is slightly down towards the chest. Your breath is long and centred. Eyes are closed

To start off with and for clarity's sake......

'I call upon myself a clear quartz path free from obstacles'
(and actually see it in your mind's eye)


'I call upon myself the amount of ..............so I am able to live in abundance and continue on my mission. I ask that this amount is 100% divinely aligned. As an offering I am prepared to...............' mention what you can do and give in exchange of this gift.

Repeat as necessary

Seal the practise by rubbing your hands together until you create heat and rub this energy back into the body from the crown to the feet. Bow your head down and finish in humbilness with hands in prayer pose.

This Moon is particualrly focused on money but by all means use it for anything else.

Use this every New Moon and repeat the mental visions until the light of the Full Moon.

Happy Manifesting xoxo

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