How to prepare for Manifestation - A guide

Just for a few seconds, imagine that the Mind and the Body are the equivalent of a house.
Well, in actual fact they are but I want you go further and vividly picture a house with walls, doors, windows, floors ceilings and corners. See the entrance of this house as a charming looking door with elegant colours, a bushy shrub hanging over it with a sign saying ENTER.

Of course, the beauty of this external lures you towards it and you enter as instructed.

Now see yourself walking in and noticing that the inside of this house does not compliment the outside. The walls are grey and mouldy; the corners have dust, grime and cobwebs; the floor is filthy and the air is cold and humid.


Totally uninviting

Now I want you to think of the door as your conscious mind and the inside of the house as your subconscious

And now straight onto the subject of manifestation

We can write lists, endless ones, on every new moon and wonder why nothing ever happens.
If you are writing from a conscious level and wishing all the best things for yourself yet your inner most intimate layers of the mind are debilitated and poisoned with self-destructive thoughts and a non-trusting sabotaging attitude, then stop writing for a moment

You need to go right inside every corner of your ‘Temple’ your Inner Mind, the most magical part of you – the Subconscious, and clean out the debris, grime and cobwebs. Scrub every corner, repaint the walls, put colour and warmth and love until it resembles its exterior charm.

Once the two layers form a new collaboration, then we manifest.

We can say many things on a conscious level but what really matters is our inner picture, the subconscious intention. The inner layer wins and whatever false beliefs and ideas you downloaded over the years is what comes up to the surface.

So you can be saying, I wish to earn so much or I want love or I want a better position in my job but over time you may have downloaded some beliefs which have become ingrained and made a life of their own. Beliefs that are false and expired but you have given them so much attention that now they are ingrained and very settle wihin you causing  you to feel that are not enough or worthless or anything that rejects you.

Then the inner layer will push any wishlist out

Now, go back into the mouldy dark dirty house and see how it feels to be in there

You see that creative power within doesn’t reason. It just produces for you in the form of whatever mental picture you give it backed up with strong feelings and desires behind it. So your inner power works for you or against you according to whether you are destructive or constructive in thought.
— Dr.J Murphy

It is our birthright to live the life we came here to live; to have abundance in health, love and finances and the house we dream of and the job that gets us up in the morning full of zest and vitality, but If there is a slight battle between our verbal (conscious) and inner movie (subconscious), then this is where the work is needed.

So here’s the plan,

Put pen and paper away and follow these steps.
Once you are done, please go ahead and write your wishlist and present it to the beautiful Capricornian New Moon – the 1st of 2018. Write it in your handwriting as it has much more of a potent effect on the mind. Write in explicit detail, fold the paper away in full trust that whatever you wish for is on its way to you provided it is aligned with your Divine plan


1.       Yoga
I have included a link to a Yoga Flow that is specifically designed to open all the channels, maneuver the body’s every corner to release any unprocessed emotion or trauma lodged within cells, joints and muscles.


2.       Pranayama (Yogic Breathing)
Pranayama is a tool for the deepest form of mental purification and healing. Steadying the breath means steadying the mind, showering it from all dirt & toxins that prevent serene states of mind.

For the most intense pranic healing – Kapalbhati, which actually means shiny forehead.
Kapalbhati is an advanced practice of Yogic Breathing and it is executed through a most gentle pump from the belly area causing a force in the exhale. The inhale is automatic and rather silent, and the speed is as rapid as can be. It follows that foundational rule of belly rises on the inhale and belly falls on the exhale

Here’s a more detailed explanation of the 4th limb of Yoga as described by Patanjali. Since the technique I mentioned is an advanced form of Tapas (cleansing rituals), I would recommend you start with some basic steps that will lead you into a more thorough practice effortlessly with no force.

If you are not a seasoned practitioner, Pranayama needs to be learnt under thorough guidance. If in doubt, commit to only Belly Breaths


3.       Meditation
Following a Yogic practice and a few rounds of Yogic Breathing, you will find that you are allowed to slip gracefully into a meditative state. However, if the mind is a busy monkey and starts to Tarzan its way from one branch of thought to the other then just keep returning the focus on the Breath. This is the art of disciplining the Mind. It takes daily consistent practice but once you get the hang of it, you’re hooked

Meditation enables waking access to the power of your subconscious depths and dramatically quiets the mind. It brings the right and left hemispheres of the brain in perfect harmony and permits deep self-evaluation and investigation for unwanted false beliefs to shoot up to the surface for elimination.

For the intent of cleansing your inner temple from any blockages, sit in a comfortable cross-legged pose (do not sit on a chair with your feet on the ground. The crossing of the legs allows all your energy to be retained within and not escape through he feet)
Spine is long and erect with the tailbone connected to earth and the Crown connected to the Sky. With the purest of intention just picture a shower of a pale Sky Blue light coming down from above. It could come down in the form of light or water, whatever you feel ok with and just allow this Blue light to shower every inch of your being. See it go into every corner, every cell, organ, joint, muscle and allow whatever is not needed to flow into the ground, exactly like shower water


4.       Prayer

All the steps above are all gracefully designed to lead to this one enormous power to subtly, drop by drop, eradicate any false ego and beliefs within our deep layers. Learn the prayer by heart and commit to restating its truths frequently until a natural habit is formed. Then in your most vivid imagination, trust and feel that the repetitions of the prayer are cleansing you of any sabotage beliefs that are not aligned with your path. Mental movies are what excite the subconscious mind the most. Like a child, be wild and unstoppable in the way you imagine things for yourself as what you picture in your mind takes form in the most magical of ways.
Follow the steps faithfully

I am a child of the Universe and the Divine dwells within me and is my real self.
From this moment forward, I will honour, respect, love and be loyal to the Cosmic force within me gifted to me by the Divine. Every conscious moment of the day, I honour, exalt, glorify and have a healthy and reverent respect for the Divine presence within me.

I ask to be cleansed of any toxic thoughts that are blocking my flow for manifestation.

Whenever I am prone to find fault and criticize myself, I immediately affirm,
‘ I honour, respect and love the self of me more and more each day’

I am divinely guided and directed

I commit to never condemning, demeaning or demoting myself and when these thoughts arise, I immediately focus on the Divine Spirit & Cosmic force within me

Any challenge that comes my way, I will tackle it with infinite power and I know that all my problems are divinely outmatched

The cosmic power flows through me as love, peace, harmony joy and right action.
From now on I respect the divinity that shapes my end. My sincere desire is that Infinite intelligence within me guides, directs and attracts to me all that is Divine. Infinite Intelligence flows freely through my mind and body

I also know that affirmation is a habit and as I continue habitually along these lines, I am becoming more connected to life, my Divine purpose and the incredible power that dwells in me.

Divine Intelligence reveals to me the way out of any toxic thoughts. I walk in that assumption and as I do, the mountain disappears. It is gone out of sight, dissolved in Divine light
Infinite intelligence knows all things and it reveals to me the stepping stones towards my desires.

All is being manifested in Divine order now

This prayer is my own adaptation of some of Dr. Murphy's finest woprks.
It is for the pure purpose of cleansing your Inner layers from any blockages. Repeating it in full trust will download faith in your own inner guidance

With all the above steps completed, proceed to place your Universal Order.
My high recommendation is that you write a list first, create the pictures to match the words and then with eyes closed vividly walk through your journey as if you are already in it.

Be non attached to time frames, just have this inner knowing hat once he order has been placed, its being packed, shipped and delivered. If you apply force or coercion, you stop the flow. If you find that certain things are being asked for bu not presented then go back 'inside' and clean some more and remember that life will present you with what is aligned with your divine plan so what you wan may not be what you need 

The, relax, let go and witness the magic.


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