Let's talk SEX & beyond

With this subject being such a fragile one of taboo and mixed expression, I decided it is time to discuss it in full glory by taking it beyond the physical. However, as far as I veer into the subtle realms, the honest human connection that so beautifully intertwines two bodies and souls will remain the heart of the subject and I will ensure that these words will act as nothing but healing therapy for the reader.

This is a mere journey of sex, sexual healing and the Chakras.

My experience

Growing up with a porn obsessed dad and a closed minded view of sex mainly through the religious guilt and stigma that surrounded me, followed by a near rape and more verbal threats from who I believed were loved ones, I can now say that for countless years, my sexuality was blocked beyond repair. Of course that magnetised situations and people who would dig at that dark void of disconnected sensuality. I used the act to replace love and that came hand in hand with feeling a complete detachment from my own physical plane. The blockage was so severe that sex was a closed shaken experience of invasion and misunderstanding.


Sensual Healing

So there it was, for many years I collected my dad, his porn, what I witnessed at a tender age, what I experienced as a teen, the forceful touch of a stranger, the total disconnection of my body,  the threats and my views of sex all in one bundle. The world was viewed from that angle; a low fearful horrendous place of (un)safety

My healing process was a gentle awakening of self-love and respect. Yoga penetrated my pelvis with stability and my sensuality with the bliss of flowing nectar. Then came the slow realisation that I need not continue to make excuses for my over sensitive being and how the body deserved to be touched. From a single experience, I can say that a man can carry the tendency to judge and corner you unless you abide by his rules. It is only him depicting that he is in no loving relationship with himself to actually accept, listen and nurture and learn new ways of treating a woman other than their own ideals and expectations. This recognition aroused my power as a female and my ability to raise that lower-self energy right up to the higher realms.  With this came the elimination of partners who clearly dwelled only on the physical, depicting the fatherly sameness in my growing years and disrespecting my evolving as the sacred feminine. I allowed my body to lovingly express itself authentically, away from the forceful commands and 'teachings' of others. I recognised the innate ability of my own soul to restore. I experienced the most sensual of moments all by myself and no it did not involve any toys!

I learnt to touch my sacredness lovingly and I began to orgasm through life itself.

What followed was the aggression of Kundalini Shakti awakening in India which cosmically healed with a benevolent force. Let's say that force in this case is a mild word. India left me with no choice other than to dump the collection of traumatic events and cleanse.


The Svadisthana


What intrigues me to write this in the most explicit of ways is the fact that through the intense love I have developed for self, mainly thanks to Yoga,  propelled to delve into the depth and understanding of the subtle connection between the physical plane and the energetic realm of the Chakras.

In this case, I focus on the one situated between our base and the naval, an orange wheel of beautiful energy that when depleted, one lacks creativity and passion and when balanced one will gracefully and intelligently experiences pleasure, an innate fluidity and the nurturing of self and others.

Sexual addiction, hypo sexuality, obsessive attachment and emotional dependency are also signs of blockage. The individual will look through life out of the lower realm of animalistic instinct and reaction. With the jewels of procreation, locked up, it will be nothing more than physical pleasure and the selfishness of taking without giving, both in bed and in life.

The subject cropped up in one of my Therapy Workshops were two ladies discussed the improvement in their sex lives since their encounter with Yogic practises. It also exposed the level of intimacy one reaches out of allowing, opening and releasing rigidity through the asanas. My most current experience is the healing of two individuals using a thorough prescription of static asanas that correlate only to the 2nd wheel – the Svadisthana Chakra. The area, on a physical level alone and when blocked, experiences infections, fertility issues, miscarriages, fibroids, menstrual problems,  PMS, candida, impotency, bedwetting and sexual dysfunctions. On the energetic plane the individual becomes rigid, bitter, numb, needy and non creative.


Take a blocked drain

I experienced this a week ago, were the bath drain clogged up and water could not flush through. The bath was just left with accumulated grime, soap and dirt which needed daily scrubbing


Healing strategy

From witnessing my own journey, I am in the most gracious place to intuitively recognise someone else’s pain with more clarity. My experience and that of treating others, can confirm that the cleansing of the 2nd Chakra, from conception to its final stages, brings about a colossal ejaculation of expression as orgasmic as life itself. The inner child finds her place and the pelvis circles with no inhibition. The body connects with Shakti and it climaxes with intensity through nothing more than an inspiration to create, desire and flow. Yes it is one of the most crucial areas of the body to heal as stagnant waters bring nothing but a shameful stench and when these waters get ‘upset’,  one goes into tidal storms affecting the physical, the mental and the emotional spheres. The more we ignore the more we pile up and the more stubborn the storage of all our past karmas, the more brutal the healing process.

It is believed that our past experiences, whether joyful or not become deeply embedded in our cells and psychic centres and It takes a piercing prescription of asanas, breathe awareness and a patient consistency to reach the desired peak. Life, becomes an improvised dance of sensuality that spirals all the way up to meet the third eye and ultimately the Divine Lotus for a higher union.


then becomes nothing but a soulful connection and not just a mere need to climax