7 Sexy & Spiritual ways for Sustainable Weight Loss

This post is not for the svelte 20 to 30 something woman who can do a twerking class following a belly & bum boot camp and a hot yoga session.

I am talking to the woman who has been nudged by wonky hormones, fatigue and years of stress. She’s got a layer of estrogen and cortisol sitting pretty on her belly and hips, is not blessed with all the time in the world, hates the gym and is after a really sophisticated and smooth way to get her fucking body back on.

With that, because she is so worth it, she wants to feel it is easy on her mind and does not need extra motivation or sargeant voices to get her going. She knows what she wants, she knows what she doesn’t want and is done trying youtube workouts that simply do not work for her

Woman, if this is you, stick with me as I truly know what I’m talking about.
I come from a very dynamic Dance background with Ashtanga and Budokon Yoga in my fibres and a very fiery nature to go with it. When I hit 40, my body drew the line on high cardio, heart pumping routines and I started looking into ways and means of keeping the sculpt without exhausting my senses.

So here it is.

  1. S.T.O.P. E.A.T.I.N.G. S.U.G.A.R.

Let me make sure I brainwash you with the 1st step. Stop eating it now. White, brown, beige, blue, sprinkled from the skies, sprouting from the earth, growing on trees, stop fucking consuming it. Consider it cocaine in your kitchen. Empty your fridge, your cupboards and the whole house from anything that contains it. Become investigative and respectful of your overall health and check the labels of any food that you buy especially the ones titled - HEALTHY. Most of the time, these are just marketing tactics wanting your money and misleading you. Question everything you eat in restaurants as many chefs have a tendency to marinade food in sugar laden shit. This substance is responsible for just about everything - cancer, illness, death, loss of eye sight, inflammation, infections, hormonal imbalance and of course - weight gain.. I think you get the gist. Stop eating it today. Stop eating it now. Just stop eating it. And if you want to be badass about it eliminate fruit and anything hiding behind the term sweet like honey and healthy replacements. Your limbic brain will behave like a crack addict and it will give you all sorts of painful symptoms when you stop. Get a hold of yourself and treat it like a spoilt child. Witness the symptoms and keep going.

Ok, I think I will sleep soundly tonight after getting this off my chest.


OK OK, I’m coming in with a fancy term for Breathework.
This is not the breath in and breath out that you’ve been doing since you were born. If that was the case, then we’d all be little shiny Buddhas. I am talking about the art of Yogic Breath. It deals with shifting you out of ego state into a beautiful awareness of yourself. It is a very scrumptious way to ‘knock yourself out’ of stress - literally. It is a drug free trance, an orgasm to your brain cells and because the mind is a product of the brain then of course, a total wipe out of unwanted thoughts in this invisible part of you.

I promise you this needs practise so please don’t go googling or youtubing it to learn it. You do it properly and learn it from a guide. These techniques are potent enough to stop withdrawal symptoms from drug addiction and if you are go into them without the right guidance, they might not make you feel so good.

When I landed in India, 9 years ago and I watched the orange robed yoga teacher, perform this technique, I thought he was absolutely wacko. The co-ordination of the belly and the breathe was like a dance I had never done before. He made it look easy but when I tried it I wanted to cry and vomit at the same time. My body was full of toxins and so was the mind and it was too advanced for me so I had to learn how to slow it right down until my system started to understand how to cope.

Long winded, I know but I wanted to give you the potency as well as the real picture of this.

There are 2 yummy techniques I want to talk about here
Kapalbhati which is a more advanced version of the Fire Breath AND Alternate Nostril Breathing.

Kapalbhati mixes a forceful out breathe, an invisible in breathe with a very strong belly pump and it instigates the fire in the power energy centre aka the 3rd Chakra also aka the Incineration Centre. This is where we process food, emotions and calories and if the fire is down then there is no fuel and it all sits there poisoning the belly.

Alternate Nostril Breathing grabs hold of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, the yin and yang of the energetic system and balances the whole thing out. The yin and yang within us is the relationship of how much we give and how well we sit back and let it come back to us. If this is out of whack no part of you is in harmony.

These 2 techniques will support your quest to tame the brain as you give up sugar, still any sabotaging thoughts in the mind and get you in a space of zen.


Yoga is potent when done with spiritual awareness and intuition and comes with one aim - that to unite the individual self with the universal Self. The right ritual will brace your core, align your spine, clean you from stagnant energy and bring you back to full on woman mode.

There are many versions of yoga and most of them do not suit you! If you are after releasing emotional and physical weight on a sustainable level, the yoga has to revolve around your needs, your levels of energy, what the body can manage and how well you are connected to your core alignment. I am anal about the sophistication of this practise as I know how well it can tend to you and how drained it can make you feel.

My history is in Ashtanga and Budokon - both very dynamic practises but there is no way I will attempt to do them like I used to. The idea is that you blend static poses that target your maturing glands, sequences that restore the flow of your spine and blend them in one ritual that tends to your monthly moon cycle and your energy dynamics. Then yoga becomes spiritual and very sexy. If you just go for whatever style without careful consideration of your overall needs, it becomes just another workout, one that might not be suited for you.


I’m sure you never associated this art with weight loss but if you have done your pranayama and moved through Yoga enough that the body is happy to sit still, then you will hit spiritual jackpot. This art, when done well can detach you from the body, purify you from false ego, transition you into a higher realm and sits with you as you move into mystical ease. This is the solution to many ailments in life and weight issue is one of them. It positions you over and above human existence, activates the 3rd eye and awakens one very important part of the brain - The Pineal Gland. This little baby just behind the 3rd eye is considered to be the transit point from consciousness to superconsciousness. In this realm, you are able to heal, releaese, relax and restore. This gland also has an incredible role in regulating the subtle day-to-day rhythms of the body so it’s worth getting your legs crossed and eyes closed for it.

I can go into more detail about Meditation as the subject is rich and abundant but I think for the sake of this article, I have given you the top pointers.


If this is too much for you, then Dance, move, ripple, improvise in your living room with a blindfold. This has nothing to do with being a perfect technician. There is a mystical fibre in every woman and dance resides in this fibre and it’s all about connecting with it.

This technique is a way to make you fall in love with every part of you, jiggling or not and gives you back the insular sense of being a woman. I find it to be another form of Meditation as it detaches you from average behaviour. The naked body is a work of art and when you are attempting to collaborate with it, a very intimate and sensual rapport must be established first. It might not be the easiest thing to do if you are not used to this form of movement but I can boldly promise that once you do it, you will want to repeat it.


This is a signature concoction of mine and it mixes some proper potent techniques that can be used to relieve you from discomfort, pain, anguish, constipation, frustration and self-hate. Yep. I am here to be real and I know the feeling of looking at yourself in the mirror and despising every bit of cellulite, that muffin top that has take permanent residence and the batwings that beat any wildlife creature.

EFT is acupuncture with no needles and it opens up the channels and frees any shit torpedos blocking the way.
Cell Comand is YOU over the mind and the body telling both exactly what you need from them.
Conversing with the body is a techique I discovered for myself when my pelvis suffered a severe trauma following my son’s birth. Again, it puts you, the soulful creature, over and above the ego, the body and the mind and puts it all back to a harmonious collaboration.

The script that goes with the concocted techniques is ultimately the most important part of this sequence, as the words need to resonate with your situation and bring together what you are experiencing, what is blocking you and how you want to feel in one sequence.


Now there’s walking and there’s walking.
I am going to give you 2 of my favourite versions.
1 is walking with no agenda. You just walk with no destination in mind and you keep your eyes on your feet. Of course you choose a safe and open space to do this away from main roads and traffic. This form of walking is meditative and very intuitive as the body will choose its pace, distance and levels of intensity whilst the focus is on every step you are taking, keeping you right where you need to be - the Present moment.

The 2nd type is on a treadmill.
This is the only part of the gym that I enjoy and I will tell you why.
I suffered a pelvic trauma and since then my hips were never happy with impact big or small. A treadmill allows me to go uphill leaving my joints in peace and getting my muscles to do the hard work. This is gentle on the skeleton and dynamic on the structure AND because you are using the biggest muscles in the legs, your heart is given the right amount of cardiovascular activity.

If you’re not a gym lover, I understand but music in between your ears or a dynamic motivatinal book will turn this into a pretty pleasant experience

And voila
That is my recipe for weight release - physical and emotional.
The best way is to bind all of the steps together and commit to them consistently or extract what works for you and dive in.

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