Darling Woman

You deserve Him
That man of men
Who is grand
Your equal 
Not beyond not beneath
Right there by your side

You dont need him
You want him

Get clear on that
You want him there
In his path
As he walks with you
As you walk on yours

You want him silent 
Strong, stable
A solid fucking rock
Of a man

In touch with his divine Male
And in honour of his female energy
In control of his erection
But abundantly fluid in his embrace

What's keeping you from him?
From having your birthright

A Sacred Union

So Ask

Where is the woman?

He won't appear before she emerges
So as you call him your way
Strip down to your bare soul
Heal the wound
Nurture the rejected child in you
Heal Her


Step into you
The High Queen
Poised, badass, sophisticated

Rise above what happened 
And look from above
Until you're up there
Stop calling
Stop waiting

First YOU

Then another

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