Tits and Ass - The Energetic Anatomy

I'll cut straight to the chase....
By tits I mean the spot between the nipples and by ass I mean just that – your backside.

But I’m not really going to be talking about the actual physical part of us, I want to go into a deeper realm.

Our energetic body - The Chakras

I find this subject to be delicious as it truly touches on how and where we store all our stories from conception up to now. The two spots I chose represent the Base Chakra and the Heart Chakra; the lower and higher conscious in other words, our external and inner worlds

I chose these two spots as this is where our problems and our solutions lay

Firstly I will explain what each Chakra represents and what happens when we store unprocessed emotions, traumas, stories, events and everything that happens to us

I shall start with the base that takes us all the way, in the invisible deep level of energy, from the anus right down to the feet.
This spot called Muladhara is associated with our basic needs of survival, food, clothing, rest, shelter, money and procreation. It links us to career, sense of belonging, money mindset and survival

Now this is what we really truly need to know about the Mulhadara

When we lack nurturing from childhood, we get stuck in a lower conscious mode of living and it becomes all about attachments, inability to let go, hoarding, constipation, depression, anger, terror of abandonment, rage, sexual disconnection, numbness, financial uncertainty,  blaming, longstanding resentment, insecurity, monotony, materialism, greed, fear of change, addiction to security, guilt, shame, distrust, Impatience, desire to hide, white knuckle grip on life, tendency to push for things, victimization, expecting the worst, numbness, neediness, denying own needs, rejecting femininity or masculinity, rigid social beliefs, bitterness and fear of mother & father, distorted sexual & intimacy beliefs, dispassionate about life, excessively sensitive and strong emotions; invasion of others, seductive manipulation, obsessive attachment and emotional dependency, fear, prolonged uncertainty, powerlessness, unresolved anger, aggression, domination, control, blame

Quite the list but lets extract the highlight

This energetic area determines how we deal with certain situations and if it is weak, under nourished or blocked reacting will be the default coping mechanism. When this energy is dull we get stuck in that mud; we look at the problem and find it hard to shift from stagnant matter
Learning how to shift and draw the energy right up to where we need it, is key

I will come back to this point but first I will move up towards the Heart

Also referred to as Anahata, this is the area just above the transitional point – the Centre -  which takes us from the UnConscious level to Super Conscious. From Ego to Soul; from problem to solution!

This spot, right in between the nipples is linked to love and compassion. When open and healthy, it vibrates at a very high level and when in sync it allows us to have this very sensational soulful style of living. The energy here is incredibly pure and is in no way reliant to external circumstances.

The Heart knows all, this is where all our solutions reside.
Remember those words from your teachers when you were at school, ‘Go home and learn this information by heart’ No one ever told us to study by mind!

Here's the journey to take

Close your eyes
Take a situation that is creating havoc in your life right now and just for a few seconds imagine letting go of it completely, absolutely, totally. No matter how hard it wrenches you internally, just release if for a few seconds.

Now picture your feet beautifully rooted in raw earth then from that same place, create an ascension of energy right up from ground to feet to legs to pelvis to solar plexus and then give it a final push until it reaches your heart. When it reaches the area, draw the energy in the perineum in and up and retain it like you are trying to keep yourself from poohing without the bum contraction.

This ascension of energy is there to support you from drowning in a quick sand to seeing the problem from a much higher perspective.

In return you get to keep your spirit, your health and your soul intact.

Not a bad deal at all!

When we react to a situation we cause ourselves a very limited existence and with the false, clingy ego as the main navigator, we lose our soulful, pure, child-like projection towards our earthly existence.

When we work with this energy, we literally open the root chakra and clear it from bullshit and drama. With this openness, we are able to take the steps necessary to take care of ourselves and lift our existence to higher realms

The sacredness of the energetic movement brings forth the highest qualities and heal the malfunctions caused by all our traumas and negative experiences from this or any other life.

You will shift from finding a problem for every solution to actually finding the solution to every problem.

This creative mental journey linking creativity and visualization, awakens this beautiful and sophisticated cord of energy between the two spots beyond our anus and our heart, It is an internal dance and weaving of energies containing feelings emotions and memories of a lifetime. When done with eyes closed, it explores the deepest layers of our being, turning the mind inward and one-pointed, diffusing anything beyond our human existence.

To a smooth transition from our anus right up to the heart...



For a real, raw, authentic breakthrough…