when it all goes tits up-a survival guide

For as long as I remember, life has blessed me with a colourful array of shit torpedos, sometimes thrown at me all in one go. I’m not talking about some mere crap days her; this is proper non-stop hard core stuff that would just knock you out then beat you down some more and when you are just about to take your head above water, you get slapped by another ginormous hand. Then if that’s not enough, you are then thrown into a white load at 90 degrees for a final rinse.

Before I hit my spiritual path, I had absolutely no idea what to do with life’s earthquakes. I would just duck and stay down, blame it all on external sources and be a total sore loser, which got me absolutely nowhere.

I wasn’t coping or learning.

I kept getting really bitter lemons until I realised, life was trying to teach me some hard-earned lemonade making techniques which I needed to use myself and then pass on and enlighten others towards some freedom.

I guess I came on this plane with many lessons to learn and whatever I started drawing out of my own breakdowns became the breakthroughs and messages I now share and eagerly pass on.

Here is a prescription that I choreographed over the years, one I hope will assist the resilient as well as the sensitive souls. You can use it when your plan gets wiped out, when your hormones are playing havoc with your mind and when you are simply and continuously being asked to keep making lemonade!

Use it daily and consistently until it becomes your default and you will always have that girdle strengthening your centre ready for the next lot of storms.


Allow yourself to fall

This is not an easy one especially for the stubborn ones but creating resistance means more pain. Accept, allow the tears to come and go, do not fight, be ok with ducking and staying down. This is not the time to act. A storm never comes to stay so sit with it in the utmost humble knowledge that it is there to pass through to purify the soul. If it's a big one, then that usually means you are not learning a specific lesson and life is asking you to revise before you take the next exam.


Put a timer on the drama

This is the work of the ego and it will do its best to remind you of how rough life is and why would it have chosen you and on and on it goes. Let it chat for a little while but put a strict deadline to how much tearing up and victimisation will take place. If there are hormones involved then perhaps allow more time for the unknown tears but draw a line soon after.
(I usually get blessed with my monthly when I got storms over for dinner and of course, it is the perfect scenario for me to into little dramatic pulp)



This is a must! Get on the mat no matter how fabulously down you are and hit a few asanas or a simple flow. It will feel like a massive effort. Just force yourself until it becomes your default. Close your eyes and make your breath a little louder than usual. Loud to the point that if a person was next to you, they would be able to hear you breathe. Then you place the focus on that noise as you move. During moments of despair and when you feel you have lost your bearings, the main aim should be to literally send blood and prana to the brain. My favourite healing prescriptions are high doses of Spinal Waves so you can re-organise the spinal fluid, Sun Salutations to get your Yin and Yang in order and inversions so you could tend to the lack of lustre in the brain and move the stagnant energy from the base of the spine to the brain. You may need to do Yoga a few times during the day for a top up and until your mind is back to neutral. Yoga is union so the practise brings back the collaboration between the self and Higher Conscious. Yoga won't change the storm but it will shift the way you cope with it



During any storm, do make sure that your breathing is very slow, lengthened and consistent. We take this for granted and this is one thing that could bring us back to synchronicity. Every hour take a few seconds to close your eyes and check in with yourself. This brings you to a very mindful awareness. If you do it long enough, it leads you to Meditation and if you meditate long enough you will become one with yourself. This enables you to see the situation from a witness point of view and your decisions become unattached to outcome.



Dance, gym, walk, run, jog whatever tickles your fancy but get your arse off the sofa and move. This sends euphoric messages to the brain and your serotonin level (feel good hormones) kicks in


Surround yourself with sweet things

When the going gets rough whether it’s life throwing the usual shit torpedoes or my monthly is out of whack, I tend to surround myself with beautiful things, creatures, humans and scents. Aromatherapy, flowers, candles, music, loud singing in the shower, comedies, light hearted movies, beautiful friends and anyone or anything that does not amplify life’s storms.


Edit your vocabulary

But before you do scream the loudest FUCK IT.
This tends to eradicate the ego instantly and takes you to that place of not caring about any outcome. From there, its easy...all you do is wipe out everything on your plan. Empty the mind from lists and what you were hoping to happen. (If things do not go to plan most likely its your vibration or life has something better on order) Check in on how you are actually talking about the situation and the little silent words you are telling yourself - It's usually- I'm an idiot, I can't do this anymore, I failed again, Nothing ever works - the list goes on. This is dangerous. Words become reality so the more you bitch yourself, the more shit you attract.
So forget bout the 'should be' and recite...

I flow
Its easy
I am exceptionally calm
I am water
Everything is so easy
Its all beautiful
I am fluid
I bend with life
I adapt
I am beautiful
It is so easy
I trust life
I am rooted and centred
I am soft and pliable
I am loving what life has to offer
I am excited for the new plan
Everything is gorgeous
I love it

And repeat until its coming out of your ears.
This is how you cheat your mind from its default victimisation bullshit mode. Those words will place a universal order of high vibration and life will have no choice but to join you and support.


Support yourself

I tend to stick to a daily prescription of supplements, Ayurvedic herbs and aromatherapy oils for when life is smooth or not. My systems runs best when I am nourished with good food, fluids, sleep and other nutrients that may be flushed away easily if the stress levels are high.  I like to make sure that the nervous system is supported and at ease. Stress causes the body to become over acidic so I alkalise a tad more when the storms are near..


Extract the lesson

Whatever you are going through, make sure you sit with it and all its discomfort and get to the root of the cause. We usually attract things through our own need to learn and/or our vibrations. We are all energetic beings and our thoughts reflect our beliefs and we eventually become what we believe in. So dig deep and find out what the universe is trying to show or tell you and remember that what you want is not necessarily what you need


Pass this prescription on, let's change the world

Yours in Words