India - a visual journey

As I write this blog, I revisit the last few days and weeks of transitions, packing, planning, envisaging future projects, changes and very surreal breakdowns. I witnessed this trip being talked about, lightly planned, solidly booked and then threatened seriously. I let go of all its aspects and I watched it return to me like it always belonged there. It was sheer peace.
I perhaps was so eager to push it to the side because of my last deadly, life threatening trip which forced me out of the country at the sheer mention of hospital. It was that memory that my conscious mind was picking up, yet my soul had other plans.
I was eager to let go because I was more excited for what was to follow India - my other love - London. 
I didn't know that my heart would get caught up, embraced and solidly planted there.

I write as I watch what I have been planning fall apart in the tiniest of pieces yet I am being kept alive by the mere thought of returning and resting there


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