chin up or the crown slips - yoga & beyond


The pre-requisite for this course to work is your bold decision to commit and if you are reading this then you must have it in you to get going.

Once the decision is made, you start to shift and the magic happens. 


The result

All the elements in this course lead to one thing - that to manage the depressive beast with a chin up, crown on, nipples to the front and hands on your hips type of attitude.

Yoga, when used in a very sophisticated and targeted method can truly calm the chaos and awaken the empowered giant within us. Take it from the one who travelled to India in search of the yoga path after hitting the strongest suicidal state in life!

The mind is going to come up with all sorts of rubbish, let it do its thing whilst you do yours.

This is an internal 'scrub' that polishes both mind and body and below is your 'soap and water'. For best results apply first thing in the morning



Hand-picked ‘I AM’ AF ‘FIRM’ MATIONS, for when the mind goes into destructive mode. These are not the usual 'I am' affirmations that you listen to before bedtime but a dynamic six-minute recording to listen to first thing in the morning when the vibrations are really low. Re-educating & 'brainwashing' the sabotaging Mind.

The voice behind the affirmations is purposely strong so you can have it on repeat whilst driving or walking. They are also the perfect accompaniment to the ‘Mirror Technique’ where the practitioner stands in front of the mirror and repeats the affirmations out loud with intense eye focus.



An inward journey linking breathe and visualisation to awaken the sophisticated cord of energy containing feelings, emotions and memories of a lifetime.
We journey and distribute life force through the 7 spiral vortexes from the perineum to the crown. We silence the mind and give ourselves the right to have, to feel, to act, to love, to express, to perceive, to know.



5 Sequences of Yoga to clean out any unexpressed emotions stored in the physical and energetic spine. It taps strongly into the Power Centre aka The Core as well as the sophisticated connection between the emotional and the physical body.
Like blocked arteries restrict the flow of blood , similarly impurities stored in this part of the body have a deep affect on our physical and emotional wellbeing. 



A balancing act of our ups and downs, the giving and receiving and the strong/soft aspects within us - this is what the Sun Salutation represent. They are the classic set of poses that harmonise the intricate relationship of the male and female enegies within us 

One to implement on the mat and in life



This is the hardcore aspect of Yoga that insists on eradicating a rotten root. These poses are a tonic for a saggy butt and a chaotic mind. The main aim in this section however is to invert the spinal fluid, flush the brain with a fresh flow of blood and oxygen and give you a different perspective. One of the most effective drug free anti-depressants!


Bringing it all together for the final powerwash.
The result from establishing these two routines into you daily life is estonishing and this is the deal you need to be making with yourself if you really want to manage this beast.

Chin up Part 1.png

let's start!