The pre-requisite for this program to work is your bold decision to commit & take action

and if you are reading this then you must have it in you to get going.

Once your decision to heal is made,
life assists
you start to shift
and magic happens 


I survived suicidal Depression and I can tell you that this beast is not something you tackle with a short cut.

It will continue to sneak its way back in, until you learn how to control your thoughts, correct your mindset, fix your attiitude and perception towards life and adopt a solid sustainable life ritual.

I say this with a loudspeaker in hand as my depression slept comfortably on my pillow until I got really bold with erasing the victim attitude and the ‘cup half empty’ perception.

I was on anti-depressants at the age of 11 and attempted my 1st way out a year later. My parents started a marital war and I went being this carefree child to having the lights switched off to a complete black out.

This void forced me out of the household at a very young age and I monkeyed my way from one relationship to the other looking to fill the emptiness.

Yoga knocked on my door and it absolutely cleaned me out however there were still some left overs which directed me to go way back and heal the dull chapters of my childhood.

Preganancy brought the beastly condition back and then another toxic relationship a near attempt to end it again and I ended up in India on a quest for self-discovery.

I turned it around and put all that I did to come out of it into my daily ritual and this is what I am presenting here. The result from establishing this recipe into daily life presents you with a long term drug-free type of healing and this is exactly what I want you to have

The program tackles these aspects:

THE ROOT - Your past experience as a child and what you downloaded

THE BREATH - This is paramount as the way you breath is the way you regulate oxygen and life force within the brain, the chemicals it produces and the mind

YOUR INTERNAL SCRIPT - What is being said and heard on the inside. This highlights how you speak to yourself and which voices you listen to. This is the af’FIRM’mation part of the program which is in place to re-educate & 'brainwash' the sabotaging Mind from expired software.

THE SPINE - This is where we store any unprocessed emotions stored and like blocked arteries restrict the flow of blood , similarly impurities stored in this part of the body have a deep affect on our physical and emotional wellbeing. 

YOGA - I use the power of Sun Salutations and Yoga Posing to re-align mind and body, and harmonise the intricate relationship of the male and female enegies within brain and emotional field. Yoga is a tonic for a saggy butt and a chaotic mind.
The collective aim in this program however is to flush the brain with a fresh flow of blood and oxygen, eradicate the root cause and deadly mental chaos, clean out old expired beliefs and attitudes and switch you on to a different perspective of yourself and life. 

REPETITION - Hence the 21 Days. Your mind gets reset with solid, firm action and repetition


The result

All the elements in this course lead to one thing - that to manage the depressive beast with a chin up, crown on, nipples to the front and hands on your hips type of attitude.

It is not a short cut or a one off ritual.

This integrative recipe, when applied and used daily and in a very sophisticated and targeted method, can truly eradicate the chaos and teach you how to awaken the empowered giant within you.

The mind will come up with all sorts of rubbish, The trick is to learn how to go about managing it, letting it do its thing whilst you do yours.

This is an internal 'scrub' - the 'soap and water' that polishes attitude, mindset, brain chemicals and physical status


Get the chin up or the crown slips book
your 21 day journal
so you can stay on track

when you embark on the
21 day program 
to eradicate and reprogram the chaotic mind so you can back to the highest version of yourself as a woman