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I had initially contacted Janet for yoga training, however, upon meeting her I instantly sensed her empathy and emotional strength, and knew she was someone I could trust to help me get going on the road to healing mentally, too. After talking to her about the issues I was facing (and re-ceiving some very self-empowering advice), she suggested I go for a RTT session - and I’m so glad I did. Following the session (approx 2 months ago), I have managed to learn to quieten and control my overactive mind considerably, I’ve lost 15 kgs because I stopped feeling the urge to eat my feelings, I can handle my anxiety better with the help of the affirmations, and I even started going to the gym 2-4 times a week - which was unheard of for me. I still listen to the ses-sion recording sometimes when I feel I need to retune myself or when I feel my mind getting the better of me.

Both the yoga and the RTT sessions were great, and allowed me to tap into my body, mind and spirit for the strength and the answers I had inside me. Janet is a true guide, she knows just how to help bring oneself closer to the light, be it in body; through dance or yoga, or through visuali-sation techniques and affirmations.
Forever grateful

(Katrina came to me in absolute distress. Her thoughts were mainly on violence and death and there were time they took over to the point she couldn’t hold eye contact with me in fear that she would actually harm me energetically.
She had a rotten spiritual experience during which she was badly manipulated and raped. She was also immensely attached to a past lover. She has, since her RTT session lost 22 kilos and ex-perienced many other exceptional transformations within her perception)”

— Katrina
“Cell Regeneration Therapy Review
“A very painful Achilles tendon 1 day before a major ballet exam...I thought I was doomed.
I booked a Cellular Healing session with Janet and it was gone overnight. It turned out to be a deeper emotional issue of not feeling stable and rooted in my personal life. Once that was sorted, the foot was pain free.
I’d recommend this therapy to anyone. Thank you Jan xxx”
— N. Fenech
So amazed with the results achieved with Cellular Healing. My daughter, being a ballerina, had a hip flexor injury resulting in pain and immobility and was totally healed in just one session. Well done Janet keep up your good work!!”
— A. Trapani
This event came at the right time. I was feeling quite overwhelmed with life in general, silly things but sometimes they add up and make you feel like you’re drowning in feathers – tiny and light but altogether suffocating.
I went with an open mind and an open heart and came away with techniques that I now use when I feel the tide rising around me. Janet’s methods of guidance are peaceful and calming and she gives you tools to use in daily life – which can sometimes be a life line to help press the reset button. The regression exercise she talked us through was powerful and moving. Although it was a group event you feel like the words apply to you and your life specifically. I felt lighter after having been through the experience.

The retreat was uplifting and brought with it a sense of release. A beautiful experience!”
— A. Spiteri Paris
““Thanks to her guidance using RTT, I was finally able to let go of a lifetime of feeling guilty for being alive. I am now able to live with a sense of freedom that I didn`t have before. I have newly found serenity & peace. Thank you Jan - no words can express my gratitude and respect I have for you and your work xxx”
— Anon

book reviews

I enjoyed reading it a lot. Your writing is bold, raw, unpretentious and honest. It takes a strong spirit to expose oneself in all its fragility.
— Tanya

yoga reviews

I thank the day you were referred to me. you have hekped me beyond words although we still have some way to go, Had I known about you five years ago when I was discharged from hospital I would definitely have come to you then. I am now 57 years of age and 5 years ago had to undergo brain surgery with resultant complications. Amongst these was my incapability to walk which at the time was sorted out with physiotherapy.
I may have been walking again, but was not doing so normally - I had lost my sense of balance, could not stand for long periods of time, and had still not regained the strength in my muscles as I should have. I felt comfortable with you from the onset and could see that you knew and understood my condition and the questions you keep asking me during our sessions help me to remember certain aspects which to me do not mean anything but my replies help you to understand why I do other things that have to be corrected.
I thank God every day for leading me to you and thank you for all your knowledge and patience in your desire to help me regain all that I lost.I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who asks and indeed I do mention you to everyone who tells me how well I look.
Janet, how can I thank you enough?
— Madeleine Bernard, 57 years young
When my back problem was revealed this winter and I was facing major surgery, I was warmly recommended to go to Janet. Her own story showing her deep understanding and resilience while having to rehabilitate, convinced me of choosing her for my own rehabilitation. Since my mission has been to gain my strength back after a period of no exercising, and at the same time beating the pain and ache, I have trusted my process into Janet’s hands. Her training and approach honour my limitations whilst giving me time and tools to realize my true strength and confidence in rediscovering my power. Janet gives 150% when you are booked with her as she meticulously follows your own commitment in doing the postures correctly. I have felt safe and happy under Janet’s instruction and have been able to postpone the surgery into the distant future.
— Ebba Erolin
When I first came to Rishikesh I didn’t quite know what to expect. All I knew was that I wanted to reach my fullest potential, so why not come to the origins of where yoga all started. I was sure id find the greatest teachers here, and I did, even though it wasn’t exactly in the form I had expected to. Having you as a teacher, albeit for the short amount of time it was, has been a really profound experience. You truly inspire me, your teaching has shaped not only my physical practice but has carried on into so many other aspects of my life. You walk into a class and can instantly read the energy from your students and carry out the lesson accordingly, you explain things meticulously but in a fun and energizing way which encourages your students to listen and incorporate that knowledge into their own understanding.

You have changed the way I view yoga and how I’d like to one day be able to teach and hopefully inspire people the way you have seemed to with so many of your students. I appreciate not being treated as a robot, and the realization that you don’t have to teach people that way to be able to progress. In fact your classes have shown me more valuable insight to my own practice than that ever could have; my strengths, my weaknesses, that real confidence comes from within, listening to my body and not pushing myself to injury for the sake of my ego, to not take things so seriously, leading with the breath, little adjustments which change so much, and of course the most important thing, to not feed into the neurosis of our culture; to get to the next thing, but to enjoy the journey of progression.
I hate to admit it but coming to india wasn’t just about the yoga for me, it was an escape from a lot of things, and your class was the only time where I left every single worry I had outside the door and truly lived in the present. It was the one time of the day where none of the other shit going on mattered, because there wasn’t anywhere else I wanted to be- that’s honestly how much I enjoyed your classes. I haven’t felt like that for a long time, so I really want to thank you for being able to give me that.
I know I will be seeing you again soon, and I wish you all the best in the meantime.
Namaste xxxx
— Amy Falange India
I started therapy with Janet at a time when my life had become one long tunnel of stress and work. I couldn’t see outside of it and I had become switched off in many ways – I felt passionless, exhausted, dead to the world. I knew where the trouble was, but I was going round and round in vicious circles and I couldn’t find a way out. My weekly yoga session with Janet provided brief respite for a few hours but it wasn’t enough, so when one day Janet asked whether I was interested in trying yoga therapy, I decided to give it a try. Over the next few months, Janet worked on fixing me – slowly, gradually, chakra-by- chakra. She gave a tailored daily practice of asanas and pranayama and every week we would meet for a therapy session which involved discussion and targeted physical practice. My blunted self-knowledge became clearer and deeper, I became more able to see and sense where the blockages were as we probed for and flushed out my trapped ‘demons’. A sceptic by nature, I sometimes had to suspend rational judgment and sometimes I was even scared by the power of the sessions –which were intense physically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually. The results went deeper and further than I could have imagined. There were ups and downs, but Janet was always able to gage just what I needed at any point. There was not really a specific turning point where things started getting better, just bit by bit I became more open to possibilities again, I became aware of an inner core of confidence which I had lost, and started to develop a non-attachment to things. Out of the blue, illogically, good things started happening. Janet’s insights started to make absolute sense. Most fundamentally, my perception of the chain of cause and effect was altered. Janet managed to broaden my vision, give me back my energy and put me back into the driving seat of my life: thank you Janet!
— Teresa 29.9.15
I was involved in a serious accident 14yrs ago & was diagnosed with 70% head injury & 30% physical injury. I was told I will never be the same again! I believed them and for the following years, no matter how many specialists I saw, year after year the pain & immobility just got worse! I used to go to bed in pain & wake up in pain. One time I was at the supermarket only waiting to pay for a carton of milk & even that was painful to carry! Also due to my head injury I have always been very scatty & forgetful.

Now through yoga but moreover thanks to the knowledge & dedication, Janet has not only helped me to do all the things I couldn’t do before, I am finally flexible & pain free!! I am also more confident but above all I am more focused & have finally got back the feeling that ‘I can do it’! What impressed me the most was that Janet was able to identify things wrong in my body that trained specialists did not notice! All my life I had no particular interest in any exercise but after meeting Janet I can say I feel addicted to both her & yoga!
— Nadine Carbone
Hey Jan just wanted to let you know how grqteful I am for all you do. My energy has been positive & I haven’t felt like this in ages!!! God Bless you Jan and may all that you gives us comes back to you in tenfold. Lots of love xxx
— Nadine
You and Yoga do miracles
— Steff Duca
By the way I am not a fan of Facebook but your posts Are a good reason to follow!!!! Anyways thanks once again not just for the gift but for sharing your knowledge and your teaching. Start to look at life from a different perspective
— Nathalie Bezzina
Beautiful! Thank you soooo much for your visit today. For your focus and this gift of yogic healing asana. You are a precious shining jewel. Namaste Janet
— Ebba
Although I never wrote to you since you’ve been away, I have followed you very closely through your blog and statuses. I have a lot of admiration for you Jan...and I wish to thank you for the many times that I found your sharing of your struggles, pains and joys inspirational....and funny too (I love the way you write.) I really wish to resume Yoga....I have been waiting for you The very brief experience I’ve had of it during the couple of months before you went away left me wanting for more!
— Stefanie

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