dedicated to women

This book is part ‘Fuck it’ and part ‘Namaste’, written and dedicated to the woman who has reached rock bottom but is not willing to stay down there.

I extract real life mundane things that can create the little shifts of awakening and mix them up with my most cutthroat practice of Yoga. I write my stories, throw in some facts and equip you with what you should be doing on a daily basis to manage and eradicate the beast. 

I am not a doctor.
I am a survivor coming in with some bold statements about healing Depression and brining back to harmony the invisible and very potent underlying chaos that causes this mental upset.

a note to my reader

Depression is a beast and the mind can be an arsehole if you don't take the reigns. 

I present this book to the female reader because as a woman, I experienced and survived a few forms of depression starting from a childhood suicidal blackout to pre-pregnancy blues to the dreaded monthly 'black clouds'.  

It is dedicated to only women because we have a specific way of dealing with life as well as healing it. The techniques I share in this book are equally split between the simplest mundane tips to the more potent eastern practice of yoga. There is no wooing you into thinking that this is some form of magic because there is work to be done and I am here to show you ways on how to sneak in and manage this beast



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So I don't waste your time and help you filter my book from everyone else’s......

I dragged myself around in a pity party for years on end and despite my conscious desire to heal, on a deeper layer, I sabotaged it. I feared the letting go of something that brought in the attention, which was lacking in my childhood and even though this sounds like pure insanity, for years Depression gave me an identity. Until I took responsibility, accepted where I was and decided to heal, nothing worked so I am warning you that if you are at the stage of feeling sorry for yourself and indulging in your story, this book is not for you. No book or therapy will work unless you decide once and for all to let go of the drama and start the shift.

And 2 more points

1. I am not the one healing you - YOU ARE

2. And just because of the spiritual practices mentioned and used, this by no means is an airy fairy magical bypass that will have you running through a poppy field with a smile from ear to ear.

The tools in this guide are intended to pull you out of rock bottom and right back in your centre, wiping out and polishing mental chaos, attitude and perception. It stands you up straight, reprograms, recalibrates and disciplines you on many levels. These tools work only if you are totally ready and committed to healing.

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