A personalised program just for HER in preparation for Summer.

What makes this a one of a kind program is that it infuses 3 very potent elements

  1. My signature Powerhouse Yoga Sequencing that combines Ashtanga, Budokon Yoga and Pranic Techniques to detox the spine, speed up your metabolism and stimulate the fire in the centre through a fire work of Intense Core practise 
  2. Rapid Transformational Therapy to heal to rewire the subconscious mind from any false beliefs around your weight and body/self image 
  3.  The 21 Day concept (21 days are needed to rewire the mind and to establish a new routine and healthy habits)

 You will get:

  1. 3 x 6o min One to One sessions (Available On Skype or in Person)
    These are used to guide you into your personalised sequences and to adjust, align and stabilise the core, the spine and the breathe.
  2. You have 3 of my most potent fiery sequences in your inbox for home practise. (lifetime access)
    *21 BREATHES 21 DAYS - Based on Yoga Therapy static poses with a 21 Breath burn. (Free gift)

    *THE POWERHOUSE - Based on my signature Powerhouse Yoga fire sequences that are safe low impact and high cardio

    *POSE & PULSE - yoga and ballet poses with little pulses targeting the bigger muscle group for a most intense toning effect

  3. A 21 Day subconscious reprogramming audio to eliminate any persistent and expired beliefs around your own body and ability to lose weight

When practised with full commitment and a total mindbody connection and awareness, this program can potently remodel the mind and body with instant and cumulative changes in your daily life. 

Commit to it and watch the magic


Here's a client's before and after following one of my RTT Programs