I specialise in healing and transforming the tortured mind and the misaligned body. 
My main areas are empowerment, resilience and limitless living. I am a fully fletched trained dancer and teacher, certified Yoga Therapist and Rapid Transformation Therapist. I use a self-designed method – KORA7 -  that has been tried and tested and based on 7 phenomenal principles. It thrives on transforming people through a ‘Strong in Mind & Body’ approach.  

KORA7 draws immensely from a traumatic life injury I experienced and how I healed my own broken self. My method is based on core stability & spinal alignment, yogic techniques, energetic release, the breath and yin/yang balance and finally the power of the visualising mind. Although my career started with Dance, I was blessed with real life credentials when it came to dealing and healing the mind. I had myself as the perfect guinea pig but it took me years of painful try outs to get to where I needed to be. Dance gave me incredible knowledge of anatomy and physical release, Yoga shoved me onto the connection between Mind and Body, my pelvic injury forced me to become a 'healing detective' and my childhood flourished me with the mental journey.

KORA7© - A Core and Alingment based practise with a Strong in Mind and Body approach combining a very high dose of Yoga Therapy and Movement,  Yin/Yang Balance, Pranic & Chakra Healing, Meditation

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For anyone who needs to get back on track, heal the body from trauma, neutralise pain in the lower back or simply maintain the body’s needs. The total focus is rehabilitation and maintenance of the strength of the centre – Our Core This program has been used to rehabilitate individuals post op, serious injuries, spinal misalignments, and/or simply to correct basic postural habits that may be the cause of many ailments.
Recommended booking – minimum of 12 sessions





For the absolute beginner who really wishes to learn the foundation and distribution of Prana (Breath & Life Force) the Alignment of the Spine and how to quiet the never-ending mind chatter. This also includes a gentle foundation of Sun Salutation and a breakdown of the poses and their energetic value (yin/yang) to learn the absolute connection between what goes on in your life and how it shows up in your practise
Recommended booking – minimum of 6 sessions




For the more advanced practitioner and for the individual who wishes to slowly build a solid relationship with themselves and their practise - An Energetic opening of physical channels, foundations of Yoga practise that will include snippets of Ashtanga and Budokon Yoga, Spinal and Core awareness, Pranic Healing and Meditation. Recommended practise – 12 sessions




This is for anyone who wishes to heal the root of a particular issue - A pure authentic Yoga Therapy Prescription which is simply a series of held thorough Yoga poses revolving around the particular ailment. This program can be used beautifully for weight loss, digestive issues, diabetes, asthma, sexual issues, hormonal imbalances, Yoga Therapy heals on a cellular level and involves a specific combination of Yoga Poses as well as the most dynamic Pranic Techniques (Breathing). Recommended practise – minimum of 6 session



And if you are depleted, physically and mentally drained, burnt out and exhausted – This is The Art of Shavasana (Dead Man’s Pose) 60 minutes of ultimate Yoga Nidra (yogic relaxation) where the body and mind are taken on a very serene journey with suggestions that leave you feeling renewed and revitalised.
Recommended practise – maximum of 2 sessions with me and you will get a recorded guided meditation for your own home practise

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This is a total reprogramming of the subconscious mind. That invisible part of us that is wired up to make us behave in a sabotaging way despite conscious effort. This program uses RTT©, a pioneering new therapy method that achieves outstanding lasting results. More reliable than hypnosis, EFT or NLP and 10X faster than traditional methods and is known to be the most rapid and with the most permanent transformation. 
RAPID TRANSFORMATIONAL THERAPY © is a journey of Hypnosis, Regression, Child Upgrade and Cell Command Therapy

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I have seen clients with Suicidal Depression, Motivation (lack of), Prescription Drug Dependency, Anxiety/Addiction/Smoking, crippling Fear of Rejection & Abandonment, Bullying/Childhood Trauma
and  those stuck in a relationship. and physical/emotional injuries.

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