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A one of a kind guide to get you exploring the most exhilarating love affair with yourself.

A love affair with all the tiny specks of essence that make you a WOMAN.

I wrote it especially for the woman who has been to hell and back; for the one who has taken on super warrior roles in life and has had to survive and give more than her fair share depleting her of beauty, sanity and health

This much awaited book will give you a sophisticated choroegraphy of healing as well as some sexy tools to really acknowledge the parts of you that have been left unloved. I draw from an abundant reservoir of failures, failures I am proud to have under gone as without them I would not be in this honourable place to serve, inspire, transform and empower.

This book is for you

With ♡


There is an immense release of energy when the spine is arched and the tail is unleashed. It tones the warehouse of emotions that empower and create new life releasing every ounce of stagnation. It catwalks through the whole pelvis with a roar, awakening the erogoneous juices, ascending towards every gem in the spinal column. It reaches the heart and opens the doors to your temple.

Here's to catwalking through life, healing from the inside out, taking the reigns, regaining poise and winking at the shadows that scare you the most.

A sensual journey inward so you can bring out the roar and let life know you mean business

🖤Extract from - Our Lady Bits
🖤I am WOMAN-A One of a Kind Self-Love Guide
🖤Lived & written by Janet Vella



Pre-Sale Offer

The book is jam packed with rituals and holistic healing sequences with detailed descriptions and instructions however I want you to get the opportunity to work with me so I can walk you through all the steps

I am offering you the opportunity to work with me in a FREE 3 DAY ONLINE WORKSHOP where I walk you through:

  • The Sequence from Crazy Sexy Spirituality.
    This includes:
    I am WOMAN Yoga Sequence
    The Dance of The Chakras
    Breath to Trance to Transformation
    The Flower Meditation
    The Awakening Sequence
    Aligning Posture & Poise
    Our Lady Bits – A Visualisation
    Conversations with The Body – A Cell Regeneration
  • That Little Girl -  Inner Child Journey
  • Bringing Sprit Back – An Age Regression
  • Severing Relationship Karmic Ties - Ghosts of Relationships Past
  • The WOMAN Committee – A Visualisation

This offer goes to first 50 readers ordering the book before its release date.
The I am WOMAN Online Workshop will be available to my readers at the price of €150