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Inspired by

my recent trip with ill health, a heart rate of 49bpm, unexplainable weight gain, fatigue, cellulite BUT a very high spirit.
I am big on healing the mind and the subconscious layers but this is not my main priority this time.
I am tackling the body on a cellular and functional level as whether we know it or not, and just like the heart, it has got a mind of its own.

With all this happening and a distinct difference in body and spirit,
I embarked on a deep self-discovery and investigative journey with my cousin and trainer who will be my right hand in this retreat

I am honoured to have had this experience so I can pass it on and get someone else on track



We need you with us for 3 days so you are removed from the default stimulation of your daily life and you can show up to for yourself and see where you’re going.


Then we will go under the hood, suss out whats out of order and then morph and sculpt the way you sit, stand, plank, move, talk, eat and think. You will learn rituals that burn fat as well as ignorance.


And then with the tools of transformations in your muscles, we will send you back home with a tame mind, a cleaner body and a crystal clear way forward.


Get ready to have your mind blown away as we are going to nourish you with soulful knowledge,
yoga that awakens you, clean food, bright red juices, exquisite forms of movement
and a way of breathing, being and moving
that will morph and sculpt you into the highest version of yourself.


And that is a bold promise!

Another thing I personally promise and guarantee is that if you join us with a high intent to fully commit and put what we tell you into action, you will undergo an incredible shift in the way you look, think, eat, be and live.

It is an ELITE program as it is aimed at the selected few who are ready to radically change.

Being elite as a woman, in my humble opinion is living a highly functional life on a biological, psychological, hormonal and energetic level and staying very low on reactivity and ‘high inflammation’ ways of eating, perceiving, feeling and being.

and By that I mean,

You wake up fully energized, with priorities in place so you tend to your needs.
You have a crystal clear image of what you want and how you want to do it.
You know what to put in the body so you can remain on a high level of energy and health
and you also know to stay low on negativity in your life that stresses and inflames every part of your being.

In short, you are flowing in your orderly woman way.


Our highest aim is to send you back feeling like you have got the pieces back together and you’re back on track.
We want you back looking and being beautiful NAKED inside and out
You will go away knowing how to tend to your brain as well as your butt
You will have a clear understanding of what fuels you and what unconsciously depletes you

Both Mikel and I have been through our own series of storms and what we do best together and on common grounds, is to fully understand you on the inside out and give you your own set of tools for empowerment.

Then you go away and form the highest relationship with yourself


The Experts


Janet Vella

Founder and author of ‘I am WOMAN’, Janet is a Life Mentor, a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist and a dynamic practioner of Yoga and Dance. Her work is dedicated to women and kids and in all her Transformational Programs, she combines a vast recipe of life experiences with her own sophisticated signature of Yoga, Energy Healing and Trauma Therapy. Her mission is to lead another woman to her greatness by giving her the tools for her own self-empowerment


Mikel St.John

Mikel is a Holistic Certified Practitioner in the association of Drugless Practitioners with over 30 years of experience in the a psychotherapy field. He uses a concoction of Fitness Training, Motivational Mentoring, Nutrition as well as Holistic pschotherapy to transform the mind, body and spirit. He is an incredible loving and joyous spirit and when he is not busy helping may see him feeding or rescuing stray furry creatures.



7-10th March 2019
Skorba Farmhouse MGARR, MALTA
The event starts officially on Thursday 7/3/19 at 6pm and ends on Sunday 10/3/19 at midday

Retreat Intinerary

This will include the release and incineration of disease ridden emotions, perceptions, false ego, food from your diet, people from your life and more
An intense and sophisticated process that forms the foundation of your upgrade

Redesigning yourself as a woman is not a one size fits all type of ritual.
You will have your personalised plan in place so you establish a sustainable form of living.

Day 3 - FLOW
We put it all together so you are able to go back to your flow as a woman.
I call this the MindBody hydration as the woman is based on the Water element
This means you establish your own woman order from the inside out.
Once a woman is in place, life, people, events take her shape

It includes:

  • 3 nights accomodation

  • 3 Vegan Meals a Day

  • 15+ Hours of Workshops:
    in Trauma Release, Core Conditioning, Postural & Spinal Alignment, Endurance & Stamina Training,
    Strength & flexibility sessions, Cell Regeneration, Hypnosis for emotional & physical weight loss,
    Meditation and Yoga Therapy.

    ·       Morning Meditation Walks

    ·       Personalised Muscle, Mind & Fat Testing

    ·       You will also have time for solo silence, journaling, napping and lots of poohing


  • A 21 Day Audio Program to assist your new programming

  • A 1 hour follow up session

The Investment

You are investing in upgrading your life
To work with us and be part of this transformational program for 3 days,
your investment will be €1997
Early Bird Discount - €1497 - if you book by 10th February 2019
Bookings officially close 21st February 2019

We value personalised attention so we will only be welcoming an intimate number on a first come first served basis.
Because of the nature of the retreat, we will be qualifying participants over an assessment call.
Please follow the link below.

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