My attention was pulled in so many directions. I looked for myself in countries, jobs, relationships, material things, but I was nowhere to be found. Time alone was unthinkable, in case I found myself facing the truth or worse still, myself! In the midst of this and with the highest pre meditated intention, I had Jules. Wanting a child was the only clear spark in my heart. Jules marked the end of an era and the beginning of a very profound spiritual journey. During the birth, my body broke on many levels and I was left in a corner fighting demons, attempting to get back to my Dance and claiming some sort of normality.

Life’s intention was clear. The body needed to break so I could marvel and morph. It was the first turning point.

i had to break apart before I could come together

This short documentary fast forwards from my childhood to 24 years of professinal dance training and peaks through a tiny earth shaking snippet of my life during which I powerfully transitioned from dance to yoga.