There are a number of ways I can help you.
Read on so you can understand the methods I use and how they can be customised according to your specific needs.
Life has presented me with many breakdowns and breakthroughs and I have certainly been given this mountain so I can show you how to move it.

The utmost passion is healing and transforming the tortured mind and the misaligned body. 
My aim is to guide you towards empowerment, resilience and limitless living. I am a fully fletched trained dancer and teacher, certified Yoga Therapist and Rapid Transformation Therapist. Been broken in both mind and body (story below) and through this,  I have a self-designed method – KORA7 -  that has been tried and tested and based on 7 phenomenal principles. It thrives on transforming people through its ‘Strong in Mind & Body’ approach.  

KORA7 draws immensely from a traumatic life injury I experienced and how I healed my own broken self. My method is based on core stability & spinal alignment, yogic techniques, energetic release, the breath and yin/yang balance and finally the power of the visualising mind. Although my career started with Dance, I was blessed with real life credentials when it came to dealing and healing the mind. I had myself as the perfect guinea pig but it took me years of painful try outs to get to where I needed to be. Dance gave me incredible knowledge of anatomy and physical release, Yoga shoved me onto the connection between Mind and Body, my pelvic injury forced me to become a 'healing detective' and my childhood flourished me with the mental journey.

I went from teaching Dance to treating people with physical and mental ailments. I started to see that people came to me because they wanted to be free to live and nothing pained me more than seeing one going through endless sessions and beating around the same bush.

RTT – Rapid Transformational Therapy – just came to me by chance like all my other methods did. I came upon Marisa Peer’s training and what attracted me the most was her cutthroat no frills way of healing the individual in the shortest possible time.  I align with her nature and 'no time to waste' attitude and her system fits into my method of healing effortlessly. 

So with endless Dance training, my transformational journey in Yoga, how I fused them both into an incredible healing machine and now coupled with RTT, I can say that my mission to heal and empower, will be accomplished exquisitely.

The inspiration behind it

Growing up with a mentally ill parent, suffering endless bouts of depression and a traumatic physical injury that threatened my livlihood and career have really been the main catalysts and inspiration behind my work.

I believe traumatizing situations wake us up to our full potential and having gone through a few storms, I now find myself to be the source of trigger for anyone who has experienced loss and needs to find that graceful centre. A lot of people have been drawn into my system because of how their story relates to mine. Real life is my biggest credential and I now find myself to be the source of trigger for anyone who has experienced loss and needs to find that graceful centre.

The birth of my little man was the biggest catalyst.

My pelvis was severed, the coccyx was cracked and the abdominal wall so torn, I could poke my belly right down to my spine with no muscular interruption. My personal life and career were disrupted and after three years of negative diagnoses, endless check-ups and not much hope from medical professionals, I decided to turn inward, wipe out all the doctors and take care of it myself.

Before this experience became the sheer driving force behind this journey and my work, it had caused the ultimate destruction of my body and my mind. As forceful and inevitable as it may have been, this intense loss of equilibrium served as catalyst for me to stand still, find centre within and arouse that grit and determination needed to ignore the naysayers and walk through the persistent affirmations that I would never dance again. Healing the aftermath showed me the intensity phenomena of resilient mental visions, drive and will power has turned this experience into the initial sheer driving force behind my work.


My main areas of problem solving:

Suicidal Depression
Prescription Drug Dependency
Fear of Rejection & Abandonment
Childhood Trauma
Imbalance in lifestyle
Achieving Meditative states

Postural/Spinal Misalignment
Core Awareness
Pelvic & Spinal Issues
Pre/Post Op Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation after Injury
Injury Prevention
General Transformation
Peak Performance Goals for Athletes
Cellular Regeneration for Athletes

My forte is working mainly with women and children who seem like they have it all together yet are crumbling inside and need to keep going. Kids issues are mainly bullying at home or at school, incontinence, self-esteem issues and silent anxiety. Women issues are mainly revolved around their mind/body, work/life balance and self/partner/child relationship challenges, traumas and PTSD.


Client feedback

"I was involved in a serious accident 14yrs ago & was diagnosed with 70% head injury & 30% physical injury. I was told I will never be the same again! I believed them and for the following years, no matter how many specialists I saw, year after year the pain & immobility just got worse! I used to go to bed in pain & wake up in pain. One time I was at the supermarket only waiting to pay for a carton of milk & even that was painful to carry!  Also due to my head injury I have always been very scatty & forgetful.
Now through yoga but moreover thanks to the knowledge & dedication, Janet has not only helped me to do all the things I couldn't do before, I am finally flexible & pain free!! I am also more confident but above all I am more focused & have finally got back the feeling that 'I can do it'! What impressed me the most was that Janet was able to identify things wrong in my body that trained specialists did not notice! All my life I had no particular interest in any exercise but after meeting Janet I can say I feel addicted to both her & yoga!" 

Nadine Carbone

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