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THE ART OF BEING A KID - life skills easter camp 2019

The yearly Easter Camp for kids has been a sought after event by many parents. I started it half a decade ago when my son developed anxiety issues at school and at home. There were 10 kids and till today they tell me, 'Jan that camp changed our lives'. They experienced something else beyond school subjects - LIFE - and I was there to mentor and witness.

This year, I am taking it up to another level. With anxiety, depression and serious mental health issues that are a part of our kids' lives, I have decided to create a live in retreat with a life skills concept and daily therapy to bring them back to their original coding.

The main aim is to send the kids back home totally transformed. They will walk away with self-management skills that they will absorb from one who has endured a broken childhood and battled one of the most deadly mental challenges.

Whether they are doing yoga or working on the farm or learning survival skills, the kids who will join me next year, will adopt a set of life skills that will ripple effect in their personal, family and social life. They will learn the art of managing their minds, emotions, thoughts and infinite storms.

If you want to find out more about this event, you are invited to book a 60 minute Assessment Call so together we can determine what the current challenge is and if the program is a match.

The Life skills camp is by invite only and is open to a very intimate group of kids aged between 8-12. It is a 5 day live in camp that will take place during school Easter holidays (Malta) and held in the grounds and farmhouse at Vincent's Eco Farm in Mgarr Malta.

Bookings are open now as these yearly camps get booked as early as Xmas time. Full details will be given during your assessment call

Please book your slot here