One to One - Rapid Transformational Therapy

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One to One - Rapid Transformational Therapy


RAPID TRANSFORMATIONAL THERAPY ©, a journey of Hypnosis, Regression, Child Upgrade and Cell Command Therapy is a pioneering new therapy method that achieves outstanding lasting results. More reliable than hypnosis, EFT or NLP and 10X faster than traditional methods and is known to be the most rapid and with the most permanent transformation.  This is a total reprogramming of the subconscious mind. That invisible damaged part of us that is wired up to make us behave in a sabotaging way despite conscious effort. 

Here is what is unique about RTT
RTT is a cutthroat straight to the point therapy that rapidly gets you to the destination with no time wasting detours. It has a starting point, a very specific process and an end. RTT also allows you to go back, find the expired belief, sort out its meaning, upgrade it and shift instantly into a rapid healing. 

I deal mainly with Depression, Anxiety, Addictions, Childhood & Relationship Trauma

The session includes:
○ Free 10 min skype Consultation Call  
○ A 90 min RTT session to uncover and let go of old beliefs in the subconscious
○ A 21 day Transformational Recording to rewire new beliefs (lifetime access)

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