I'll start by sharing a little story about my pregnancy and what drives me to guide women on this most gorgeous journey.

I won't go into explicit details but I'll highlight the life changing moments.
From conception, it was clear that this was going to be a life altering experience. The birth itself got me into Yoga. Well it didn't really get me to Yoga, Yoga just knocked on my door. The whole journey was not a breeze - I had the most aggressive bouts of depression, sickness, weight loss and it goes on. The one thing that I wish I could rewind and redo was to listen to my gut and my intuition. I knew my body, its strengths and weakness and I opted for a type of birthing but the medics disagreed.  Since I was new to it, I felt I had no choice but to listen to them. They all had their version of what I should do so I bowed my head and ignored my own instincts. This is one thing I now feel I wish to pass on. I want to teach women how to really deeply connect with themselves and be in touch with the life they are creating and the journey they wish to embark on

Post birth the changes continued and my career was totally altered and so was I as a person.

Jules came to rebuild me - to say the least. Despite the hurdle I went through I now see it as life's message to go inward and change; to get to know the body; to love it during the change; to listen to that gut instinct; to fall head over heels in love with your baby; to boost Seratonin levels and to program the mind to collaborate gracefully with the body and to have the most incredible easy birth.

My journey and first hand experience puts me in such grace to really guide you, teach you about the changes your body will go through, what exercise is safe to do and how to retain strength and balance the hormonal fluidity within the body.

And on that note I now wish life gives me another chance to be pregnant so I can go through it again this time with so much more holistic knowledge.

I look forward to guiding you passionately


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Pregnancy programs

A program revolved around the health of your mind and body between conception and birth. It is a bespoke prescription tending highly and thoroughly to your needs and those of your unborn baby.

It infuses Yoga Therapy, Yoga Nidra, Breathwork and Meditation. It also guides you through the different stages of pregnancy with a personalized audio program based on Cell Command Therapy. There are 2 audio programs to support you throughout the different stages of pregnancy – ‘The Perfect Pregnancy’ & ‘Easy Happy Birth’ tap into the power of the mind and help you visualize both the pregnancy and the birth with ease, comfort and overall positivity.
The audio programs combined with the yoga practise make this a one of a kind prescription for an incredible life changing experience. It also ensures that both mind and body are ready for all the changes. 

Option 1

Yoga + Cell Command Therapy (audio)

You will get:

  • 21 x (45 minute) One to One sessions (Available On Skype or in Person)
  • 10 x recorded (20 min) sessions with lifetime access
  • 2 Cell Command Therapy Audio programs

You have 21 sessions with me which you can distribute freely throughout your pregnancy.
The one to one sessions with me are used to guide and establish your personalised Yoga prescription totally revolving around your body type and what you truly need to support your body during hormonal changes during pregnancy. I will teach you the art of doing and resting through the practice itself, so the body is in the perfect balance of strength and flexibility ready for the birth. The 3 trimesters will be dealt with according to your journey. Every woman and every pregnancy is unique and each Trimester will have a specific prescription.

Once/twice a week you will be guided in person and the rest of the week you will have a recorded prescription to follow at home.Through the recorded sequences, you will be guided to establish your own gentle self-practice.

The Audio programs are used to ensure a calm state of mind throughout the pregnancy and the birth
To ensure a very smooth journey I tend to pay utmost attention to the energetic connection between mother and fetus, the use of Breathwork, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Nidra and Visualisation Techniques.



Option 2

Yoga Therapy + Pranic Healing + Meditation

You will get:

  • 21 x (45 minute) One to One sessions (Available On Skype or in Person)
    (See description above)


Option 3

A Self-Practise Program

2 options:
Yoga only
Yoga + Cell Command Therapy Audio Programs

  • 1 x (90 minute) One to One Consultation Session (Available On Skype or in Person)
  • 21 recorded (20 minute) Yoga Prescriptions which are specifically and personally designed on a bi weekly basis around your needs, growth and changes

for prices and bookings kindly email me on janet@janetvella.com