SHE - The Rereat INDIA
to Apr 1

SHE - The Rereat INDIA

If you need 2018 to be an extraordinary year for transformation and you are in need for a total shift in perspective - this Retreat is definitely going to hit a raw nerve. 




End of March 24th-1st April 2018


The Retreat is a Women Only Retreat. 
You will travel to Delhi get an internal flight to Dehradun. The minute you get to the airport there will be a car awaiting to bring you to your starting point. 
We will start off in Rishikesh where you will meet up with me for a tour of my favourite spots in Ramjhula, Laxman Jhula and Tapovan. This is a subtle start to India and you will just soak in culture, colour, chaos and calm. Markets, spices, Sarees, cows, monkeys beeping horns and lots of pictures. The food here is magical and it will be hard for you to eat in an Indian restaurant in Europe after being in Asia. The majestic Ganges and the Himalayas will be your back drop for any Yoga and Meditation work during these days. (3 nights)

From Rishikesh we will tour up to he Waterfalls, further up to Kunjapuri Temple and to our mountain retreat spot - Pahadi House for he next 3 nights. This is one of the most organic experiences in India and waking up to silence and the powerful Himalayas wakes you up to many hidden realities within you. 

This is where we do some proper deep inner spiritual work and you get to experience my spirit in India.

We will tour the Mountains and Forests for a day and visit another temple. The food in Pahadi is nothing like I have ever tasted. 

We will then make our way back to Rishikesh
After that you can then decide if you wish to spend any extra time for yourself in Rishikesh (highly recommended)


flights & visa logisics

Once you decide to commit, he steps are easy.
Get on Momundo for flights Malta Delhi and make sure you arrive in Delhi during the day. Do not choose a flight which gets you to Delhi at night as you will need to wait there all night unil he internal flights starts. You fly from Delhi to Dehradun and then your taxi will be there. Once your flights are booked, you get your visa online and you will receive it in 72 hours. Links will be sent via email

Price: I have just returned from the mountains and am just about gathering all he prices for accommodation, food, taxi, Retreat House Tours and Tour Guides and I will conclude within the next 24 hours





my recommendations

This is not a 5* posh, pristine kind of retreat.
It is very raw and organic and the whole concept behind it is that you wake up to life as it truly is. You are expected to come here with an empty cup so you can fill it with experiences that will stay with you forever. Strip layers of ego and diva before you even leave your house. Your experience here depends on your attitude and the way you deal with new surroundings, new culture and shocking visuals will shape your trip. I can tell you from now that you will witness dirt and poverty but just as long as your soul is clean with intent you will be just fine. 

A lot of people think of me as a gypsy or a Hippie but I tend to disagree as I love my dose of cleanliness. The gypsy part of me perhaps gets highlighted when I simply allow this lifestyle o take me. If like me you like the embrace of clean sheets etc, please bring your own set and a bath towel too. You will need a hand luggage of clothes as the weather will be warm [plus there is plenty to see and buy from here so travel light.

I'll go back to my introduction and repeat that this is a Women Only Retreat.
Please do not ask to bring husbands, boyfriends or children

To reserve your spot please email me:


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