What is your challenge?

Is it the mind or the body?
Which area of your life is stagnant and what would you like to change?
Get clear about your journey and how you wish to move forward. This is a very important part of the initial process and although you will not be able to change your past, I can give you the tools to get back up and start moving forward on a much healthier and sexier slate.

In my One to One sessions, I am totally dedicated to you.

My work is a beautiful concoction of life mentoring, spiritual guidance, Yoga and all that falls under this umbrella - Pranic Healing, Chakras, Meditation;  Inner Child Therapy & Regression Work and strong extracts of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT).  I bring all that to the table and customise it according to your needs. This recipe tends to both emotional and physical trauma and heals you from the inside out.

Throughout this last decade of dealing with childhood trauma, physical breakdowns and abuse, I found that healing the underneath layer is what it's all about. The body is the messenger to let us know something is not quite right and healing the top layer starts from the root. So whether you are dealing with a Hormonal imbalance, a physical injury a persistent pattern or a dead end situation, you will need to dig right down to the root, pull the weed, disrupt the soil, sow a new seed and grow a new plant.

Trauma Healing Sessions

if you keep hitting rock bottom your journey of healing will have a stronger dose of MIND REPROGRAMMING. This combines Inner Child Therapy, Regression and Hypnotic Work.

How it works
You fill in a very short questionnaire about your challenge after which we meet for a 90-120 minutes hypnotic session which will clarify and release your pain and you go home with your personlised short Mind Reprogramming Audio to listen to for 21 days

This technique is incredibly powerful and very rapid in the case of unexplained, irrational and unresolved issues that cause self-sabotage and destructive behaviour and also in cases of unconscious and repetitive patterns. Unlike other conventional and long-winded therapies, this modality goes straight to unprocessed trauma, deals with any unfinished business and reprograms and upgrades the mind by re-organizing and readjusting old expired beliefs. In emotional trauma, it is not the event that damages us but the meaning and the emotion behind it that really destroys and sabotages. Releasing the association that you have attached to your current issues/problems, opens up a new, powerful deep rooted understanding ultimately leading to instant healing. The subconscious layer is then 'stretched out' to a new dimension, eradicating the meaning behind the expired belief, leaving you wired to change and to stay changed.

I also combine the modality of Yoga and Life Mentoring if your journey requires further support
Here are two incredible stories about two of my ladies Pat and her smoking journey and Katrina with her dramatic transformation

If the body is misaligned or broken, your journey will have a higher dose of REHABILITATION YOGA
THE CORE OF THE MATTER which is a Core & Spinal Alignment Program suitable for you if you need to get the body back on track, heal the body from trauma, neutralise pain in the lower back or simply maintain the body’s needs, This program has been used to rehabilitate individuals post op, serious injuries, spinal mis-alignments and/or simply to correct basic postural habits that may be the cause of many ailments. Suitable for you the newbie, the seasoned and those who have gone through physical trauma or have a desk job.
In these session we will work from the outside in first, assess the physical challenge and then go inward through Chakra Healing for the more persistent issues. Most physical misalignments are the result of unprocessed emotional trauma so going to the root is paramount.


And for peace of mind & body - a very high dose of PURE YOGA, PRANAYAMA & MEDITATION
JEWEL IN THE CROWN is an all rounder, solo retreat type program, titled so due to its potency in the area of Mind & Samskaras (emotional scars).  I'll guide you to understand how to use this practise for your own empowerment, extract the zen, the power and the absolute passion that it ignites you with. I have trained studied and worked with many phenomenal people during this journey and although I credit their participation in my journey I will always vouch and pass on the healing that emerged from my own dead ends, re-runs and train wrecks. I do not chant, I don't do Guru practises, I am not Buddha and certainly not holy. I love the peace and power that ten minutes of Meditation gives me but I also credit my love for the words 'Fuck it'. if you are looking to go inward and starting a spiritual relationship with yourself and your practice and you are serious about tackling your internal storms and want to be still in the chaos, this is the raw and authentic real life spiritual guidance that I recommend.

One to One Yoga sessions start at €75 per hour
Mind Reprogramming Healing Sessions are €275 for 90-120 minutes with a 21 day audio program
Mind Reprogramming Healing Journeys €600 for a month long integrative program that includes RTT, Life coaching and Yoga

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