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RTT is known to be one of the most potent, precise and cutthroat formula that gets you to your destination with liberating and lasting results. It delivers the most rapid and permanent change using a concoction of techniques mainly Alpha Therapy, Trance, Regression, Hypnotic Conditioning, Inner Child Healing. 

It is incredibly powerful in the case of unexplained, irrational and unresolved issues that cause self-sabotage and destructive behaviour and also in cases of unconscious and repetitive patterns. Unlike other conventional and long-winded therapies, RTT goes straight to unprocessed trauma in the safest and most rapid of ways.  It works mainly by suspending the activity of conscious mind, accesses hidden trauma through the subconscious using REM, Theta and Trance work. It goes straight to any unfinished business and it reprograms and upgrades the mind by re-organizing and readjusting old expired beliefs. 

There are certain techniques that are used at specific times during the session and they are used to extract the association the client attaches to their issues/problems and then offers a new, powerful deep rooted understanding ultimately leading to instant healing. This in return 'Commands' the Mind & Body towards a new collaboration as opposed to positive conditioning alone. RTT draws out ‘unfinished business’, meaning it is a technique for addressing the trauma that clients have been holding onto for many years and actually healing it.
The subconscious layer is then 'stretched out' to a new dimension, eradicating the meaning behind the expired belief, leaving the client wired to change and to stay changed.

RTT also allows you to go back, find the expired belief, sort out its meaning, upgrade it and shift instantly into a rapid healing. 
What I am most passionate about is that the client is given freedom and permission to vent out, cry, have a conversation, shout, swear and voice whatever has been suppressed and left unprocessed

My take on this method

I went from being in full time Dance to full time Yoga Rehabilitation and now have totally transitioned and brought it all together.
The reason I connected with this method (RTT) was because during one of my biggest transitions I encountered Marisa Peer and she depicted a very similar approach to how I work. She, like me is very cutthroat and aims to get the client to healing point in the shortest time possible.
I had a long winded route to get here and I wish I knew what I know now however, I do understand that my journey was like so because I needed to go deep into the understanding of my own healing. That prepared my platform to guide others towards their path to transform, hence my approach and the type of work that I do.
Because I have been blessed with a lifetime of Dance training, Ashtanga Yoga, Budokon, Yoga Therapy and my utmost passion towards Meditation, Inner Child Regression, Pranic & Chakra Therapy, I am able to merge all of it together and mentor my clients in a most authentic way.

If you haven't met me or read my story or know nothing about RTT, read about how Pat stopped smoking and then see what happened to her dad.
And if you want to know of another dramatic transformation, meet Katrina and how we came about.

My main passion is working with women and children who seem outwardly strong yet are crumbling inside and although my expertise lies in Chronic Anxiety, Depression and Childhood Trauma, I have also treated clients with smoking and drug addictions, rape, abortion trauma and weight loss


This is a list of transformations that my clients have reported:

  • Dramatic transformations following childhood abuse and rape
  • Freedom from chronic depression and anxiety
  • Immense weight loss following a life upgrade session
  • The disappearance of physical injuries following Cell Regeneration
  • A total change in relationships with parents, siblings, kids
  • Marital peace and increased harmony in relationship with Self
  • Problem solving after years of indecision
  • Instant and/or subtle shifts in attitude and perception
  • New business opportunities and greater financial freedom
  • A renewed life purpose, renewed vitality and a new zest for life
  • Freedom from drug abuse and cigarette addiction



    You will receive:
    ○ 1 x 90 minute Rapid Transformational Therapy session
    ○ A customised 21 day Transformational Recording to rewire new beliefs following the RTT session (lifetime access)

    Rapid Transformational Journeys combine RTT,  Life Mentoring and Yoga. 
    Following RTT sessions, most want to keep working on other areas of their life and receive further life coaching and mentoring to integrate the new beliefs and build new habits and behaviors. I offer a 1 month 'Rapid Transformational Journey' for those who want continued support on their change journey. 

    You will receive:
    ○ 1 x 90 minute Rapid Transformational Therapy session
    ○ A customised 21 day Transformational Recording to rewire new beliefs following the RTT session (lifetime access)
    ○ Life Mentoring sessions to make sure you stay on path and integrate new beliefs or an additional RTT Session
    ○ A Yogic Cleanse Sequence using Eastern Techniques to purify the mind&body. This combines Pranic & Chakra Healing, Meditation and Asana Practise
    ○ Email check ins for continued support


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