the awakening


Do you need to tame and discipline your anxious mind and get out of your own way? Are you on repeat mode, complaining, being negative and not getting anywhere?

Well I've been there so I know from 1st hand experience that you either get it or life makes you get it! This is the message behind this 21 Day Challenge. I am sharing with you the most overlooked techniques to shift gear and get moving forward. These are techniques that we should have learnt at school; techniques that if used daily and consistently will make humumgous changes.

I insist on instilling this one particular thing in your daily life and then at the end of the course, I up my ante and give you 3 more powerhouse techiques that you can use (lifetime access) to really cut the bs, wipe the sleep from your eyes and start your bold journey forward


A 21 Day email course to help you instill ONE technique of healing that will ripple effect in all areas of life. Whether you need to heal a body part, your attitude, your mindset....this is where you start

The real challenge is actually getting into the deep understanding that this one tiny ancient technique can actually flip the script for you. It is a potent and deceivingly gentle approach to healing. 

Using an incredibly potent and ancient process, one that is also used by the Navy to teach civilian flight students how to fly a plane through a 'sprint' process of 3 mere weeks. The 21 day laser focus concept highlights the insular intent and opposes the usual conventional lifetime of dead end therapy. 



Strategic self-assessments, journalling, ancient yogic & shamanic techniques, affirmations, declarations, mirror work, tapping + deep energetic work and the '21 day' ancient technique of dumping, intending and committing
(21 days is more or less that length of time required for the mind to get it or to dump it - of course when the focus is solely on one area and nothing else)



🌸A 21 Day Holistic Strategy to help you achieve:

  • Clarity in Mind so you can declutter chaos and get yourself in gear
  • Charm in how you deal with life's playing cards
  • Clutter Free attitude for a more empowered life

🌸The ONE technique that can heal and eradicate Depression & Anxiety
🌸4 additional Powerhouse Techniques to further shift, heal and awaken you
🌸21 Days of email guidance to help you start small, build up, retain commitment
🌸A laser focused self-assessment to release and declutter
🌸A 21 Day Printable Journal Sheets for visual motivation and further guidance
🌸A self-designed choreography of Holistic Therapy (Video Guided) 
🌸Awakening Sequences extracted from Shamanic Techniques, Tapping and Oriental Medicine (Video Guided) 
🌸The Woman Ritual
🌸And of course, my authentic guidance to keep you on track and in your unfuckwithable centre. I will be in your inbox every morning for 21 days with top no non sense tips on how to disrupt, shift and transform mindset, attitude and beliefs
🌸Lifetime access of the above



janet here and this is WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN ME

Because getting women back on their feet is my absolute and only mission and because this form of healing got me out of a chronic and debilitating form of Depression

It took me years of long winded methods to get to this solid place I am today, a journey that needn't have been so painful.

For many years, as I battled Depression and anti-depressants, it seemed like somebody had literally turned the light switch off. I saw no way out, up or forward and the chocking feeling of being stuck and wanting to leave this plane slept and woke up with me daily. I had no spirit or joy in whatever I was doing and I had no clue how to get out of the viscious and very deadly cycle. Dance was a way out of the internal war but it didnt really hit the root. It was a little temporary relief.

Yoga rolled in when I wasnt even watching and it started from there. Painfully slow but that was the start of it all. I struggled to even close my eyes let alone hold any pose and breath at the same time. I was fine with the physical aspect but my mind was not collaborating.

My chest, heart, throat area were closed for refurbishment!

Until I got hold of my breathing nothing was changing. My thoughts were making me ill and my mind was running the show. I was just there in the background.

Initially the attempt to breath normall during yoga practise made me teary as I clearly didnt want to be in the present moment but the more I stuck with it, the more spaced out the thoughts became. I started to appear in that space and seeing exactly what was taking place. 

The rest is history but I am here to teach you this one tiny and  most potent speck of healing. You can call it mindfullness, yoga, positive thinking, whatever tickles your joy but for me it is the shift that disrupts, heals and awakens. It healed my suicidal mind and taught me how to really become one with all aspects of me.

I now want to share how I managed to let go of anti-depressants and get back on track. This is not a short cut but a very solid structured way of moving onwards and upwards

There is nothing more orgasmic than witnessing magical transformations and with all that I encountered, seen, felt and lived through I would like to to teach you the short cuts to a smoother journey. I never found the sort of guidance I needed to change, heal and manifest the life I wanted during my own healing, so I'm here to offer all the tools I discovered in the process. 




Well for starters I believe women are powerful creatures and possess this innate intuitive ability to recreate themselves and heal yet they have no idea how to access this part of them. I chose to work only with women a few years ago, as I felt that when it comes to radical change, women just kind of have it. The female psyche is made to take on some storms and when she draws the line on bs and decides to get back up, everything gets in line to assist her!

Because of my journey as a female, I totally relate to feeling powerful yet so stuck and lost and I feel that I need to now present my wild female tribe the 'what, how, when' of healing themselves.

Most fierce warrior women are hiding behind a layer of past trauma and need a way out.

I have been in the MindBody sector for over 2 decades but life truly began blossoming after I hit 40. I'm here to share the journey of how I got myself back from the many train wrecks, potholes, deadly depression and broken body as it was worth making something special out of the mess of my childhood, teenage years and early 20's.

I failed a few million times and I got up double that amount of times so that was me saying, Here I am, I made it. I feel more empowered now than when I was 20 and the experiences through Dance on stage, Yoga on the mat and healing a countless number of ailments holistically, I am here in all my passion to guide the women who like me have an outer layer of strong and an inner layer of broken and who truly deserve to be living their life to the fullest

who is this for

If you need to really shift and are committed to actually showing up for yourself, for a mere 30 minutes of your day, this is for you. My work will match you if you are a broken woman with a bold attitude who is ready to do something different to get out of comfort zone

start the journey