My name is Janet


Author & creator of I am WOMAN

I want to meet you at that point where you have forgotten your own worth as a woman.

Let me rephrase that.

I want to meet you at that point where you have forgotten that you are a fucking QUEEN with no time to play the fool, the victim or the wounded child.

I know exactly what it means to wake up to a broken spirit, to living life through the rubble of the past and repeating endless toxic patterns.

My journey started with my 1st suicide attempt at age 11 during the household divorce war & then progressed to multiple failed relationships, and a savage soul destructive and very slippery downhill journey

My soul’s mission is really simple and my truth is even simpler.

A woman’s wisdom is in her wound but she is not taught how to extract it smoothly. This wound robs her of her worth and she chooses from that place of need.

Life gave me enough credentials and I'm here to share the formula

I tend to the spirit extensively and equally like I see to the needs of the mind and the body. My method of healing is a sexy blend of spiritual, straight talking, uncensored, roll your sleeves up & get to work kind and it will teach you how to look back in elegance and rise in ease

i have the life credentials
to bring you back onto your path
teach you how to unshackle the chains
set yourself free
and tap into your full on
worth & wealth as a WOMAN


My passion is working with the woman
who wants her life back no matter what

My journey was sticky
Yours doesn’t need to be

Stop bargaining on life
If you haven’t worked out the formula for yourself
Surrender & Seek Support

Do this kind of journey ALONE
only if you know exactly how to do it

Trying, limping around and banging into dead ends is not the way

Life made me an alchemist
Breakdowns and Breakthrough gave me the experience
That trump any knowledge from a book or a guru
I am an expert because I have been through this path
many times more than you can ever imagine
and I can guide you very gracefully.

I am there to direct you as you navigate your own way through
I am with you so you rise quickly after every slip
But I will also be there to call you on your BS
everytime you start talking yourself out of your own greatness

If you resonate
and you’re ready for the journey

I offer these free audits because I truly believe that a deep form of transformation and healing can only take place
through a very trusting, honest and transparent collaboration between 2 women


and for all things sensual smooth and very spiritually sexy,
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