I stand for you

If you’ve been through hell and back but you’re up, showered, dressed
And ready to level it up, go beyond your own BS and get to work.

I’m your woman if,

You want to move forward but you’re sabotaged by your past
You’re gripped by the paralysis of fear & overwhelm
You’re avoiding and sabotaging your every step
You need clarity and tools to tame the arsehole mind
You’re avoiding the next step because you’re afraid to fail and break again
You know something is missing and you need help to get you back in lane

If you're at the ‘I’m fucking done with this’ stage
and now ready to step it right up and invest in yourself

I can help you

I believe that YOU as a woman have powers beyond your own knowing and imagination.
You’ve just lost them in the rubble of your life.
I’m here to get you reconnected with that magic so you can manifest your soulful mission and live life on YOUR terms

you will know how to

Turn the volume up on self-worth (The NO.1 ‘disease’ in Women)
Tame the chaos so you can maximize your manifestations
Uncuff the chains of the past
Extract the wisdom from the hell you’ve been through

Yes, you want

The home, the soul partner, the business, the money, the spirituality, life’s comforts and riches
Yes you want all of that
You also want peace of mind, a beautiful body, a soul that is on it’s mission
because it is YOUR birthright to have it all divinely aligned.

It is all available just like it was when you were in your mum’s womb

You had 24/7 room service and it came to you because you were worth it
So, let’s get the shit beliefs that are running your life and sabotaging your every move pull out and sorted
so you can get back to your polished, sexy self
and start builing your WOMAN EMPIRE today

Your first step is below



my formal credentials

Dance, Yoga, Budokon, Reiki, Yoga Therapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy
Decades of my own studies, research and relentless reading about the Mind, Quantum Healing, Manifestation, The Power of Prayer


My 1st life earthquake

A short documentary that depicts my cutthroat journey from Dance to Yoga and the painful separation from my son


Working with a mentor means you start circulating in their energy of how they rose above their shit
and how they can do the same with you.

They are experts because thay have been through it many times more than you can ever imagine.
It means you have someone there with you giving you the routes that work and the ones that don’t.
They are there to not let you slip into talking yourself out of your own greatness
They are there to call you on your BS and raising your level of self-worth, focus and direction.

When you seek support
Choose the best, most authentic and honest match with you.

If you want to tame the arsehole voices in your head,
polish up on life skills,
make choices from an upgraded version of you and take it to the next level
and you are my kind of woman
Honest, fucking real, ready to look at solving problems rather than getting stuck in the past,

i am your woman